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I Feel Lucky

Though I have no right to but just spunked £70 having a £10 Patent on all my teams to win this weekend so that’s the following:

Would be nice if all 3 could do it for me (and would make a nice change) so come on pro’s tell me the error of my ways!

Fingers cross for you mate, all three should have a chance

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My nicknames not ‘lucky’ without as I said before good sarcastic reasoning!
How on earth did Surrey balls that up - not to mention I paid for a Sky Sports Day Pass to watch game and thus forwent getting my hair done for a date I am meant to be going on tonight but seeing as I’ve not heard from the girl since yesterday have a feeling that may be blowing up to! I guess having the Lions and Eagles (as in Crystal Palace EAGLES) all punters would be advised to go the opposite way to me! :cry: