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How fast can I get this shiz in my living room?

Oh yeah, I saw this a few weeks ago, looks really cool.

I’ve got a Gear VR headset (also made by the Oculus Rift guys, and using Samsung’s Note 4 phone instead of a PC), it’s really neat. Only problem is the lack of decent content for it, and to a lesser extent, the screen resolution (once 8K mobile screens come out, hopefully that will solve the problem of being able to see the pixels and gaps between them when they’re right next to your eyes).

There are some pretty amazing VR videos… ahem :smile:

Wow, your really on the cutting edge there dude. I’m going to hold out for the xbox VR headset which is apparently in dev this year. Yeh I think regardless of whatever happens the most popular use of VR will surely be adult world related lol however if down the line I’m able to tune up my QB skills by dropping back in the pocket that exists only in my living room then I guess I will have to accept the adult VR content until then ; )