Discord Chat

How about a chat room?

Just wondered if a chat room might be good - especially on game nights?

& if so perhaps like NFLUK does showing who’s on the site at anytime… ie offline - red / online green maybe a border around members logo/avatar or I dunno some kind of list of usernames of those on the site at bottom of main page?

Just my ideas…

A bunch of us from the fantasy league use a Whatsapp group for this (you need to download the app on your iPhone/Android phone for us to add you to the group).

We could also have a live chat function on here easily enough though, I can look into it.

One thing to note though, is that this forum has live updates - so as a message is posted you’ll get a notification saying there’s new content if you’re on that page. So you can almost use forum threads here like live chat threads, without having to refresh the page manually.

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Didn’t know where else to post this, so just using this as general chat. Can anyone recommend a spam free e-mail service. I don’t mind paying a small monthly fee just to get a better service with less adverts and unnecessary e-mails. Cheers

Gmail, surely? It’s all I’ve bothered using since 2004, even have all my custom .com emails going there.

Yep Gmail… If that don’t work for you for whatever reason and spam is your issue…change your email addresses to have one for spam and for authentic mail which you never use for online registrations. Alternatively if your looking for something really professional with a good spam prevention service look into office 365.

As for a chat room, I really like the idea of video group chat via Skype or the like… always thought it would have been good pre NFL games…

The Zone Coverage radio show that Noel put us onto at the start of the season has a chat room which is live when the show is on - 4.00 - 5.30 during the regular season. I used that a fair bit in the second half of the season to get in an NFL mood over Sunday afternoons

huh so that’s where you were…