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Bit of after-timing here, but I’ve been pretty successful recently using Paddy Powers generous concession of an extra place on two races per day. I’m always reluctant to post tips as it’s added pressure to my gaming, but today’s race looks like something you lot should get involved with. As you know my gambling is always based on value and only betting when the odds are in my favour, I believe today is such a day.

3:15 Newcastle. Its only a 10 runner race and PP are paying 4 places.
I have gone for Noble Reach @ 11-1, its never won a race before but the quality is so low that today could be her day. There are a couple of lively dangers but at the price paying first four I’d be hopeful of making a profit.

I forgot to mention that there are several non-runners today and thats why I believe the odds are more in our favour than normal.
Also I have been arbing the place part of the bets on BF, there has been several times when the horse has finished 4th (or 5th in big fields) and PP have paid out, I’ve also been paid for the place-lay on BF.

Even if todays bet goes down, keep your eye on this concession I think its a great situation for punters.

Typical - tip a loser on here (finished 6th, could have managed 4th with a clear run). Then the very next PP concession race I have a 10-1 winner (see below).

This is definitely an offer worth sticking with.

18:07 Bet Winnings 17:55 NOVICE HUNTERS CHASE 2m 7f - Dabinett Moon @ 10/1 (GP) (Win)

Aww Dean… if only you’d picked the other horse to tip in advance you’d have been getting major kudos for a 10-1 winner!

In the spirit of give and take, my picks for tonight’s baseball games are the Arizona Diamondbacks to beat the brewers and the Twins to beat the Toronto Blue Jays. A tenner will pay about £35-£38 depending on which bookie you go to.

Hi Jon - I’ll follow you in with those, so best of luck.

The idea of the thread is to highlight this offer by PP, I think by offering an additional place, the odds are in the punters favour. Not sure how long it will last but certainly worth keeping an eye on.

The extra place is certainly interesting. I have done well in the past betting each way in races where there is a short priced favourite - trying to find the ‘best of the rest’. I think if PP do their extra place offer on a race with an odds on favourite it would be time to plunge in!

Alas I am a loser at betting and don’t have a Paddy a/c - it’s one of the ones I can’t as was unhappy about something with them - some welcome offer I didn’t get and we parted ways so it’s bridges burnt there for me.

Now I am probably to late to follow in the baseball aint I?

However I do love the sharing of good tips as I need all the help I can get.


I am confused different bet slips put up different peoples names (RUBBY DE LA ROSA) and (TREVOR MAY) am I making the right bets? :-s

I just want to back the teams to win?

Well games are about to start and could not find anyone to advise so swerving it as don’t get this having players named on the bet slip. :frowning:

Just credited £50 to Ladbrokes as well to try and place a bet - oh well.

The bookies often show the starting pitcher’s names as well as (or instead of) the team names - so de la rosa is the Arizona pitcher for example.

You did well to swerve it Noel… Arizona won their game… but the Twins somehow managed to throw away a 4-0 lead to lose 6-4 ! Gutted, and back to the drawing board…

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Noel - If you are continuing to bet, I suggest you build your bridges with PP, I rate them as second (behind SkyBet) as the company with most consolations and special offers.

Whoever you lost your NFL bet with should be bombarding you with offer after offer.

I used to put a lot of high value mug bets (lucky 15’s etc) for my boss so his wife didn’t know. I did all those bets with Coral, they now bombard me with very generous offers all the time.

Not had any decent offers that huge bet was with BetVictor.

I just had a cheeky fiver on Aston Villa to lift the Cup - cause I like underdogs and fact up to max of £5 888.com offered double odds on any FA Cup bet (your first one only) so as they had Villa at 3/1 to lift the cup so any way counts that doubled to 6/1 thought was worth a cheeky fiver in a 2 horse race.

Maybe I can try joining Paddy using a different e-mail addy - I would love to be able to win back my losses but that’s what bookies love - does anyone ever get up sports gambling?