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Horse Racing TFP'ers HELP!

I am not a GG’s man but like to win money - usually lose it betting but got a couple of offers from Hills for this month (see pics below) so looking for tips - solid tips to try and make a little this month so any help appreciated.

Perhaps someone knows something about my local race today - the Epsom Derby - assuming that is a C4 race?

& as a think you for any of you just seen this on Twitter (posted by Bet365) so if your not restricted by them surely this can be taken advantage of today by those of you that know a bit about the nags:

If you really want to guarantee some nice profit you should try matched betting with these offers. I did it a few years back now and made a nice sum, you can’t actually lose any money from it, I just found it a bit tiresome after a while.

The only other problem being I exhausted all the bookmaker signup offers there was, so now I have accounts with every single online bookmaker just about and can’t get in on any new signup offers that catch my eye.

A horse that I have backed looking for some each way value in the Derby is Massaat. Although more in hope than any real expectation.

Lucky I only had £2 e/w on Massaat - to give me an interest. So only lost £4.

Think I prefer watching jump racing.

Just as Epsom is like my nearest race course I think like a wee tickle especially as it’s on TV.

Yeah it faded didn’t stay, that was my fear. Harzand definitely a worthy winner!