Highlander Guillotine League

If you’ve ever been interested in trying a Guillotine League, here is your chance.

What is a Guillotine League? Basically you need to avoid getting the worst score each week. The team with the lowest score each week is eliminated by Guillotine, and their players are up for waivers for the following week.

Who gets first shot at those waivers? The 2nd lowest scoring team each week gets first pick of the available players. So you are aiming to come the second lowest scoring each week. It’s a nerve racking ride for those who dare, for with risk comes reward or sometimes the worst chop of all. Don’t lose you head!

There are three entry fees available. You can enter for 20, 40 or 60 pounds depending on your want.

Draft is a slow draft, starting as soon as we are full. League is on Sleeper.

Any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask. If you’re interested let me know.



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So I guess you don’t play another team each week in this league - or do you, was kind of thinking ya be just in a ladder based on scoring but nah that don’t work, does it? :thinking:

Out of all the surviving players you need to avoid the lowest score each week, but still score as low as possible to get a favourable waiver pick

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Are you interested Noel?

One spot remaining

Yea I am interested.

Never done a slow draft before so that interests me also - but how does it work having 3 different entry thresholds?

Surely everyone has to chuck in the same or am I missing something? :confused:

There are 3 different pots basically. If you’ve ever played poker and split pot it’s essentially the same. Slow drafts are fun and mean you’re not tied down to a specific time or night.

One spot left, so be quick if you can.Hoping to start later today.



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I done no prep for this season as yet and still don’t get the split pot analogy so I’ll jump in for the minimum 20 sheets if okay with you and use this year as a learning curve.

Yeah I think that’s a good idea mate

I sent you a link to the league on Sleeper

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I’m in though fearful how this will go - I sent you payment also for the bottom stake. :football:

You wouldn‘t be possibly doing another league? How many people are ik the league?

Sorry we are full, it has 18 people in it. One goes each week. I can put you on the waiting list for next year if you want?



Yes please

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