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High stakes auction league live draft

As my first league the beast was such a success I’ve decieded to look to expand the fun in another direction.
It would be amazing to try to get together ten or more like minded enthusiasts for a live draft early August.
As the beast drafts on the 5th of August maybe the night before?
Alan (Podcast) has put his house forward as a possible venue which would certainly work.
My initial thoughts are 10 to 14 like minded souls.
Cost would be either £100/£150/£200 per man.
This will be a high stakes league with all money going to the winner and runner up.
I have loads of ideas to make this an exceptional night
Unique draft board
Special money for buying players and I believe we can make it a very macifelian night.

So who’s interested?

One more note as people will be in the area for my beast league it makes sense to make it the night before? In theory

I’ll definitely be in mate, I think a in person auction draft would be a great laugh

Yes it’ll be a learning experience for me but I’ve always thought this kind of thing would be great fun
I’ll bring my sunglasses

Ok that’s three it’s still early

So let’s agree to make the buy in a hundred for the moment and see how many more join