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Hi all new Dynasty league for 2018 start up

Firstly my plan is not to actually play myself just organise it and run it.
The reason is I have to remain impartial.
This will be a complex league with its own rule book approximately 16 pages.
It’s complex because there are many unique features poaching, formation changes not seen in other leagues and coaching startegies that you can use against a certain team.
Initially I’m looking for 10 interested people to join the league and would ultimately like it to expand to sixteen.
After the real nfl draft in 2018 is when the initial team build phase takes place for each team a very unique process.
I don’t want to give to much away yet about the game am just looking for serious coaches trust me I cut my teeth on this dysnasty idea and am looking to bring it to the tfp group.
The dynasty league will be managed by me manually not using software however once you understand the idea it’s easy to work out what a player has done. The game uses real time player stats but only if they hit a certain point. For example 80 yards rushing or touchdown but not both as one example.
This league will have its own private Facebook page and private weekly videos covering results.
The scoring in this league is much closer to the real nfl. It uses no defences for example but startegies to help limit scoring against you.
There is to much to cover in this first draft but your interested let me know.


The league will be £100/£75/£50 as a buy in!! But I await what any interested parties want.

Sounds interesting Sean. Put me down as a possible. I definitely want to hear more but wouldn’t want to commit until I’d had a look at the rules

I’d be interested mate, love to know a bit more about the rules. But very intrigued

Ok jon have include dinner a condensed version under new title above!! Called the league pay dirt Dynasty.

More added in new post about paydirt Dynasty.