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Help, I need Help

Fellow TFP members - I am not ready to quit gambling - it’s in my blood I guess - but it’s no fun losing and I can’t seem to even break even of late - this week has been carnage and hope it’s not a precursor for the year ahead.

I followed OddsCheckers new tipster and most I followed in on went bad plus my £40 accum went down first game with Everton but even Chealski blew it to… I could not score in brothel me - just like I can’t seem to back winners or enough to break even of late - I need help bad - a system of some kind!

Any of you out there that do okay at this lark please share some tips when you have solid ones (if your be so kind) so I can at least stay a float - I’d be happy breaking even as then it’s a fun past time over the long hall.


Think I will screen shot my Odds Checker punts for today…

My advice would be to let the season settle down before punting heavily. There are always loads of odd results early on as teams find full fitness and bed in new players. Have an interest bet if you must but keep it lower stakes for now mate

:soccer: Thanks - I’ll try to remember that.

More bets down the pan - £200 down I think for the week at least - but for those that are interested I did find this on Facebook and thought it very interesting as I see many similarties within me in what this guy has experienced:

Diary of a Compulsive Gambler

I don’t suppose “gamble less, Noel” would be useful advice? :wink: But in reality, I guess the answer is to find another, better distraction. Have some other goal that you can work towards and try to bet in moderation.

And don’t chase losses of course. Give yourself a weekly/monthly budget to bet with and stick with it. If you’re doing it as entertainment, look at each week/month as a completely clean slate, don’t count your winnings or losses from one month to the next, to stop giving yourself false confidence or getting too upset.


I totally agree with the point that you should try to replace gambling with something else, I know for some that’s not at all easy but it is the best chance of leaving an old habit behind. I know as years ago I was similar! I used to smoke too, until one day it dawned on me that I smoked at work because I was stressed, I smoked at home when I was bored and I smoked with friends because they did and because it was what I was used to. Actually realising the different emotions within me that caused me to smoke in different situations made it so much easier to give up. It sounds so simple but for me it did help. It allowed me to stub out a cigarette at work one day when I told myself I was only puffing away because of the stress, instead I went and socialised in the office kitchen and felt great when I went back on shift because I had just gained an element of control, soon after I was a non smoker. Later I applied the same theory to gambling and found that I gambled because of my enjoyment of sport. So I cut the fuel out and stopped watching sports. Instead I invested in my future and started home study, this kept me away from watching sport as well as gave me something to replace my old habit with.

I know we are all different but I believe anybody can break an addiction by understanding the emotions or moods that make you want it and by cutting out the fuel. I am lucky in that I can now pick up and put down both cigarettes and gambling but it was not always that way fella and if you decide this advice is worth following it would likely mean serious lifestyle changes but as Tomsula said, your worth it. One thing is for sure, if you keep surrounding yourself with sport, gamblers or gambling chat of any sort its going to be next to impossible to beat the addiction. But then it sounds like you don’t want to give it up yet anyway : )

Either way, good luck.

I’m on the phone if you ever want to chat about it.

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