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Heads Up People - NFL Jackets on Sale

@Superstar I just seen a post on Facebook from Touchdown Sports about a clearance on Redskins jackets. I really like the look and if they had a Lions one at this price I’d go for it (if I trusted the firm - never heard of this one so would research first). Any way thought I’d give you the heads up:

Redskins Jackets & Coats

Thanks for the heads up @bluelionman - much appreciated!

That price is a rip off. You can buy the same Majestic jackets from M and M Direct for less than £16.


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Holy shit why so cheap - is it that bad quality?

Why can’t I get a Lions one like this so cheap. :scream:

Nice find mate, can’t believe that price

I only knew about them because I get the M and M catalogue through the post every month or so and saw they had NY Giants, Redskins and Raiders jackets in the past so had a look online to see if they still had them.

Wouldn’t be surprised if that company was getting them from the same supplier and charging top whack.

Just my luck no Lions clearance stuff but loads of clothes & head-wear that looks good and pretty cheap for some other teams:

Value Team Attire

Noel - do you have any Nike ‘outlets’ near you, we have one up here that tends to have some NFL gear in, which seems to feature teams who have played at Wembley.

None that I know of Dean :expressionless:

will pick you up a Lions T’ next time i’m in