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Have any of you tried eggnog?

I bought some eggnog the other day and will be having it tomorrow night.

It’ll be the first time I’ve ever tried it and am wondering whether any of you have had it before and - most importantly - what alcohol should I put in it?

I’ve been looking online and I’ve read brandy, rum or bourbon mentioned.

Having spent a number of Christmases in Canada I have had eggnog quite a number of times. I’m personally a fan!

To be honest I prefer to have mine on it’s own and keep my alcohol separate, but i think a spiced rum would work well - extra Christmasy.

Hope you enjoy!

Cheers man,

I think I might do the same and not put alcohol in it actually. See how it goes.

I’ll tell you how it went later in the week!

I opted for the no alcohol approach in the end.

It was nice. Not sure if I’ll do it every year, but was a nice change.

Much better if you add some dark rum to it! Staple drink at my parents place when growing up.

Make a snowball my favorite

No, I always saw it as one of those traditional foods like wedding cake or Christmas pudding that very few actually enjoy… so tend to give it a wide birth.