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Hard Knocks

Ever since I’ve seen a few of the later series (Cincinnati Bengals & New York Jets) ones that made UK TV I have wanted to see them all - but seeing as the very first one was way back in 2001 in the US it’s real hard to find torrents or links that still work. So hard in fact it has taken me several months to locate a working link for the very first Baltimore Ravens Hard Knocks series. To my knowledge this has never been available in the UK so may interest other NFL fans on here.

Yes there’s lots of pop ups and malware you have to close down but if you have an anti-virus programme it’s just like any streaming site - you need to close down several pages of pop ups and keep pressing play on the original video until it plays and don’t give you a pop up. Now I have finally found a link that worked for S1 E1 Baltimore Ravens I decided I would share it and over time try to post a working link to every episode of every hard knocks series as I get round to watching them myself. I will only post links that worked for me - does not mean they will always work in the future but hopefully it will aide those of you like me who want to see every episode of every series of Hard Knocks. Also if a link stops working and you find another that’s better or still works please post about it and I’ll try to keep the original post updated with working links.

Hard Knocks is a reality sports documentary television series produced by NFL Films and HBO. The show was first broadcast in 2001. Each season, it follows a National Football League (NFL) team through its training camp and covers the team’s preparation for the upcoming football season.

The series shows the personal and professional lives of the players, coaches and staff, including their family life, position battles, and even inside jokes and pranks. It particularly focuses on rookies’ adjustments to playing in the NFL, usually with emphasis on the team’s most recent top draft pick. It usually also chooses to focus on undrafted and journeyman players who are attempting to make the team.

For more in depth info on this long running TV series go to Wikipedia: Hard Knocks (TV series)

BALTIMORE RAVENS (Series 1 - 2001)

S1 - Episode 1
S1 - Episode 2
S1 - Episode 3
S1 - Episode 4
S1 - Episode 5
S1 - Episode 6

DALLAS COWBOYS (Series 2 - 2002)

S2 - Episode 1
S2 - Episode 2
S2 - Episode 3
S2 - Episode 4
S2 - Episode 5
S2 - Episode 6

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (Series 3 - 2007)

S3 - Episode 1
S3 - Episode 2
S3 - Episode 3
S3 - Episode 4
S3 - Episode 5

Dallas Cowboys (Series 4 - 2008)

S4 - Episode 1
S4 - Episode 2
S4 - Episode 3
S4 - Episode 4
S4 - Episode 5

Cincinnati Bengals (Series 5 - 2009)

S5 - Episode 1
S5 - Episode 2
S5 - Episode 3
S5 - Episode 4
S5 - Episode 5

New York Jets (Series 6 - 2010)

At the end of July 2011, NFL Films announced it would not be producing Hard Knocks for the 2011 season. No team wanted to commit to the series due to uncertainty with the NFL’s labour situation. A retrospective on the series titled Hard Knocks: A Decade Of NFL Training Camps was made featuring clips from every episode made to this point, and including comments looking back on the series from Brian Billick, Shannon Sharpe, Mike Westhoff, and others.

Miami Dolphins (Series 7 - 2012)

Cincinnati Bengals (Series 8 - 2013)

Atlanta Falcons (Series 9 - 2014)

Houston Texans (Series 10 - 2015)

Los Angeles Rams (Series 11 - 2016)


I remember watching the Cowboys on I think the next season. Head Coach Dave Campo was dressed in a wet suit on a fun day out for the players. With hindsight probably not a great idea. The other thing I remember about that series was that the Cowboys drafted a fullback Jamar Martin in the 4th round and he tore his ACL at first practise. There is a scene in Jerry Jones office when his son Stephen comes in to tell him the news and how they can’t quite believe it.

I seem to recall the hard knocks being available once upon a time with the game pass subscriptions. Not sure if they are still on there though.

Some of the later ones were for sure but I don’t think all of them were especially the very early series ones.

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All of the season are on Kodi, but i’m not sure how many of the streams work.

I don’t have Kodi and not sure what it is - some kind of stick with links on?

Most of them do

All the links I have posted here have worked for me as I post them after watching them myself (as I want to see every Hard Knocks episode in the end). However as with any unofficial streaming sites you need to fiddle about a bit - I find pop ups / adverts keep coming when you try to play the video - usually need to close down what ever pops up - about 3 is the standard I find before on 4th attempt video will play and all is fine - no more pop ups. As long as you have an anti-virus and are persistent all the links will work. I’m used to this fiddling around now as find this is common on most unofficial film and TV show streaming websites. :sunglasses:

cheers noel these look cool opened the first one and yes lots of pop ups but got rid of them so will settle down and watch them all tomorrow

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Every episode of every season is on this site I found I think but am only posting the links when I have successfully watched them myself hence only some links posted up at the moment - which all worked for me when I posted them here.