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Hard Knocks 2015

The first episode of this year’s Hard Knocks aired last night, featuring the Houston Texans :blush: Available to download from all good torrent sites, etc.

Starts off with a J.J. Watt Rocky training montage, so, worth watching!

Just saw its gonna be shown on Sky starting Sunday:

Hard Knocks NFL - 11.30pm, Sunday 16 August, Sky Sports 1

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Episodes 1 and 2 on Gamepass now…

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Just watched episode 2, enjoying it a bit more this year, think its because of Megan Cushing :kissing_heart:

Nice one, Didn’t realise it was on gamepass. Sky have edited out the swearing which is half the fun. Like Pierre Garçon to Watt “I’ll do whatever the fuck I wanna do FUCKBOY!!” Haha.
Cush is made for that show too, he’s such a prick to Blue lol. A
And yeah the wife is smokin

I think I honestly hate Brian Cushing, based on what I have seen he is just the type of person I tend to keep out of reach. I appreciate that he’s one of the top ILBs in the league but for a guy who cant stay on the field I would expect a little more humility & possibly even maturity. I’m hoping what I saw in ep 2 was just for show.

Last episode of Hard Knocks today :pensive:

Here’s a stream of the final episode, hopefully still up when you click this:

I guess this link is for those that dont do gamepass?

Its been a good series this year, some really good and bad characters. Really like O’brien, a straight up guy, great head coach. Like him and his coaching style so much I almost considered a bet on them to win the div…

I am no good at torrenting and before I watch this series wanted to start back at the beginning… I’ve only ever done 2 series - seen all the Bengals and Falcons ones. However the very first one was in 2001 on the Ravens but I can’t find any working streams or torrents for that series these days so if anyone has it or knows where I can find all the early ones prior to the ones being aired in UK - only the Bengals, Falcons and Texans ones I think have been legally available in the UK.

Any way here’s a wiki page on all the series there’s been so far (don’t know why there was such a long gap between 2nd and 3rd series - 5 years):