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Happy New Season

Yo! Wishing all you Guys n Gals a great new season!!

What better way to start it than with the opening of FA, lets get some intrigue on the go…

:wink: :smile: :smile:


The same to you Gordon!
There are already so many interesting moves happening (for instance Irvin to Raiders, etc.) that it looks to be an exciting off season to watch :+1:


Osweiler over paid…

It’s Miller Time at Houston! A worthy successor to Foster I think, and appropriately continuing the alcoholic beverage theme.

And Osweiler to the Texans on the same day?! Potentially Christmas time in Houston! Although, debatable if he’s worth a $72M deal, and Kaep + RGIII were also potential free agent signings. Also means it’s unlikely we’ll draft Goff. But could turn out amazing. Certainly no worse than Schaub / Keenum / Hoyer / Mallet (though I can’t say anything bad about Fitzmagic).

Definitely interesting Adam