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Guess where I am

Currently on a lovely holiday and went to see the ‘local’ stadium - where am I :grinning:


Brilliant !! Enjoy every moment

Not sure…Honolulu?

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Damn Gordon, you’re just too good when it comes to NFL :wink:

Cheers Sean, I am. I’m going to the Broncos training camp in a couple of hours, so that should be a lot of fun. I’ll be in my Redskins outfit, so let’s see how much they are going to boo at me :smiley:

Just a few more pics from around the stadium

Very good dude, and dont worry… by the time Thanks giving comes around you’ll be well up for a return!! :wink:

Training camp was amazing! Saw the whole Broncos team up very close and enjoyed watching their drills. Temperature was about 33 degrees and they didn’t serve any cold beers, so I was suffering :smile:
Seriously, it was a superb training ground and cool to get the chance to sit and watch an NFL team kick off the training camp season.
After watching a couple of hours of practice I now know who to pick in the draft and who to avoid ha ha (if only that was the case)

Sounds good dude, is Manning still throwing it limp style? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s amazing Anders I’m totally jealous! Did you boo Montee Ball for me? :smiley:


Good old monty ball is such a winner

Gordon, Manning looked slow when running around but his accuracy was perfect. However, at age 39 I wouldn’t expect him to be very fast. I am giving him a miss this season lol.

Simon, don’t worry mate, I boo’d Ball from you. I thought he looked really good and made some excellent runs, so you should probably pick him in the first round :wink:

Considering going to watch Colorado Rapids at home to LA Galaxy tonight - let’s see if it fits into our plans.

Interesting, be good to know how that looks over there?