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Growing The Fan Pub

So some of us have discussed this on a few occasions - how we can grow The Fan Pub community.

One issue is fragmentation - we have a small but really fun and active WhatsApp chat group, which is great for creating a close-knit community, but isn’t very discoverable and almost closed to outsiders.

A drawback of the chat channel is that it cannibalizes the forum a bit, with the 10-20 most active members spending 90% of their time in WhatsApp rather than the forum. But I think that’s something we need to accommodate, having the site and chat compliment each other. A possibility is building our own WhatsApp-style app that integrates chat, forum, content, etc, or using a more public, accessible chat app like Slack (so rather than being invite by phone number, anyone could go to the site/app and request access). We’d have to decide if that’s a route worth going down though.

So yeah, I was basically wondering if people had thoughts or directions to build the site’s community.

Some things I was considering:

  • Integrating live chat into a Fan Pub site / app.

  • Starting ‘The Fan Pubcast’ podcast - if we can get Sean on board to do it!

  • Running some simple fantasy games on the site (start with pick 'ems, etc).

  • More real life Fan Pub events, properly organised.

  • Put more effort into promotion on Twitter and competitions.

  • Editorial / blog content - get more content and improve on the SEO side of things by writing articles for the site or allowing site members to host their own blogs.

  • Daily Fantasy - once daily fantasy kicks off in the UK, focus more on being a hub for that.

  • Balance of sports / fantasy / betting - maybe it’s fine as it is, but if we get into producing content, do we want to focus on a particular area?

  • Co-op ownership - this one is probably more interesting if I actually build a chat/discussion/social app(+site) to combine our WhatsApp and forum sections, creating something like of like SportsYapper with semi-private chat groups. But the idea is - make TFP a legal entity, and give the top members real shares in the group in return for helping build/create the community and evangelise the site. Not sure how interesting this would actually be…

Anyway, those are just some thoughts I’ve been mulling over. Was going to hold off going into the topic too much until I had a working prototype of ‘the new site’, but I realised I’m not completely certain which direction to go, and this site should be as much yours as it is mine or Noel’s ( @bluelionman ), so everyone’s input would be appreciated. I don’t want it to feel like we’re stepping on people’s toes.

Oh yes - and one other point, was I guess to figure out what the site’s actual goal is. For me, it’s probably to make the community as big as possible, whilst still retaining a good spirit, in order to create a great community of UK/EU NFL fans, giving us the ability to do more interesting things - like running many new fantasy leagues and local events (live drafts, watching games, super bowl, etc).


I tend to use the whatsapp because the chat is between a majority of those I now know a good side effect of Noel’s league, I’ve been on other chat rooms but when too big lose their sense of fun and humour and you tend to get s hundred wassups and a disproportionate number of one worders

Having said that if you put a chat room on here it’s not to say we won’t migrate but I do question if these things work on a grand scale

As for growing the site I agree with your ideas - competitions are always a good idea,

To me, chat rooms/apps etc… are used for keeping in touch with people I already know. Of course I’m always up for meeting new people but I’d rather do that in person.

If this is the case with the majority then I don’t know how much appeal an open chat room/app would really be esp with the issues highlighted above whereby with so many people in it, it just becomes a bit spammy.

At the risk of sounding like a dating site :smiley: we need to make real connections (so we have people constantly using the site to keep in touch with others) and/or become leaders (so people come to view what we say or join in competitions etc.).

I’d say becoming leaders has a clearer path but will require us to put out consistent quality content.

I think that as a way forward it helps to give ourselves an identity. Are we a place for sports chat? Are we focused on NFL? Are we focused on Fantasy NFL?

We may think we can be all these things but personally, I believe we need to start with a clearer identity, The Fantasy Fan Pub for example gives a clearer indication of what the site is about (if that’s the way we went) and then we could build on that. It’d give people a clearer reason to be here and direct any content we put on the site.

Some great ideas there Adam/guys. I do agree with Simon in that the site seems to have so little focus on other US sports that it might help to focus in on NFL and all things that interact with that such as discussions, fantasy football and betting.

I love the podcast thing and seriously think Sean is the guy to take us there. The blog section is also a great idea, would be happy to have an occasional article vetted and posted. I agree that slack is an option to consider too, the client app is nice to use and the web based version seems very capable.

Happy to help expand the site in any way if the energy is there.

I’ve put a Fan Pub image/link into the final three or four issues of my newsletter for the season to offer a hand in this campaign.


Appreciated fella (more chars req)

I love to blab and would love a regular slot or some-way I could add a weekly upload of some kind or link over Skype in a co-hosted podcast with others off here - just I don’t have a clue what I need or how to get this up and running (as my tech skills are non existent). Also I would love to be able to run my Super Bowl squares game on line and even better via TFP as that would bring other NFL fans who partake here as they would come here to check there numbers but I am not a programmer so would really need the help of someone who was and understands what I need.

As I’m not sure about the tech workings of such things above I would need others help to start me off - get me going. I used to listen to the Live Radio output of the Zone Coverage guy but find when he’s on (leading up to games on a Sunday night) I am either still watching/listening to Premier League or busy sorting out my NFL fantasy teams and or doing bets for the upcoming NFL games so have of late tended not to tune in.

I always hoped he would become a member of this forum and perhaps incorporate his show with here but that’s not transpired.

My big plan to grow the website was to win the the Spreadex game then advertise next season that the key to successful NFL betting is listed here.

Than plan is sadly going tits up as my form in the Comp has gone to shit, 2&3, 3&2, 1&4.
Four weeks left and I’m really struggling now

Noel, As long as you have a quite room, a half decent internet line and microphone and willing participants who have the same your set to “test” at least. Simply create a skype group chat & record it https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA12395/how-can-i-record-my-skype-calls
Then obtain some free audio editing software (http://audacityteam.org/) to remove people :wink: or background noises you dont want.

I have this bad boy, highly recommended https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/usb-microphone/blue-snowball-gloss-black-usb-condenser-microphone?gclid=COT5hpry2MkCFYYIwwod9j4FKg

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I’m completely new to this forum - but seeing this post, my initial advice would be one step at a time. If the aim is to get more interactivity then start utilising the likes of Twitter and Facebook to gain more users.

I love the idea of a podcast, plus it is easier to keep attention and a following than say a blog for example! My favourite one to listen to currently is the Tim and Tom Podcast, they have it right in terms of the flow, it doesn’t seem forced or like I’m listening to the news, it’s them, their opinion etc and that’s what I, as a fan, enjoy.

A chat room is also a good idea to an extent, but you can gain the same type of interactivity through this forum, or on Twitter - the more things you have, the more complicated it becomes to manage.

People love competitions, so why not - have a look at what Clairedabear85 does. My advice would be don’t just do competitions, you want to be followed for what you bring to the nfl community, not for giving things away all the time.

Just my thoughts - happy to talk more if you’d like or have any questions?!

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This. Yeah, that’s one of the biggest hurdles - you both want to be everywhere, but without spreading things too thin.

I think we’re all basically behind the idea of you and Sean doing a podcast together if possible. I can give you a hand setting things up on your end if need be.

Slight issue with doing remote podcasts (difficult to create the right atmosphere and back 'n forth) but not a dealbeaker.

I wish we had a Facebook presence too, but I reckon I’d be tempted/more likely to end up using that more…maybe… I think… I dunno :confounded:

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NFLGirlUK, Welcome and thanks for the useful input!

I’m more than happy to help - a) I love NFL b) I know my beans! ha!

:relaxed: Does that 5pm twitter chat still take place?

Sure does!

For the people who have no idea what we’re on about. A month or so ago I decided to try and get some conversation going, dedicating a time to chat NFL and what better time than 5pm on a Sunday in the build up to a game, so at 5pm I’ll try and get a discussion going, and end my tweet with #NFLUKChat. Be great to have more involved, and it’s the perfect moment to promote this place too!

Sounds good, will try to add something to it… Nothing better than talking football