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Grand National 2015

Been having a look at a couple of previews for the Aintree showdown in early April.
So far I’ve had a bet on Alvarado (£20 @ 33/1) and Night in Milan (£10 @ 50/1) - I’ll probably back one or two more nearer the day (depending on whether those first two look like they will be in the starting line up…)

Any thoughts - I normally try to avoid horses that have had a tough race at Cheltenham, and I usually like ones that have run well at over 3 miles around Christmas time

Not had a look yet Jon but shall do and come back to you…

Like Rocky Creek at 11/1 and Gallant Oscar at 40/1 and Rigadin De Beauchene at 50/1 normally have 5 small bet on the National cos the odds are so big

Will watch with interest and copy some of you - no clue myself - and may stagger my bets in such a way as George says odds are so big that if one romps in will for once make a profit. :smile:

I’m glad to see that both of the horses I backed are still in the race - and both now at odds of about 20-1. Now just need one or other of them to come home in front! Still confident abut their chances…

Godsmejudge, Unioniste and a small each way bet on Chance Du Roy. I’ve not had the winner of this race since 1997, so i’m overdue.

Good luck Guys, I just have to put the shopping away and then I’m into town to make my selections, I’m going to be pottering around the house this avo so I’m going to have a go at each Aintree race. For the big one I like Soll and Many Clouds as EW decent odds, think the latter could run into a place despite his big weight. I shall also do something close to the favourite just in case both of those fail to make an appearance.

I wanted Soll after reading a tipsters thoughts but price had well dropped from what tipster said day before (22/1) into 16/1 best price so I left it but have so far had 12.50 e/w anti-post on Alvarado @ 20/1. Then yesterday had £10 e/w on both Godsmejudge 22/1 & Wyck Hill 66/1 (so naturally love that nag to do it)!

Looks like late in life (and I blame you lot) I am finally warming up to the GG’s!

Those of you that are quick I have found a free comp on The Grand National to win £100 bet all you have to do is predict the winner and share post on Facebook - more info here:

I’m done placing bets for the day Noel but thanks for the link.

So, I was later than planned making it into town today so bought the racing post and thought I would study the National form in Ladbrokes. Glad I did, while studying the form for the big one I got the winner of the first two races on the Aintree track and the winner of the first at Chepstow!

Sizing Granite @ 9/2
Whisper @ 5/1
Collosium @ 11/4

I not only made enough to cover my now very interesting National bets but also enough to cover my night out tonight & more ; )

Remaining bets for this avo are…

3:25 Buywise @ 11/4 - Jumped like a pig!

Grand National

Shutthefrontdoor @ 7/1 (I could not resist it, The amazing APM will retire today if he wins, the horse has been laid out for the race and I like the way McCoy is talking about his chance (as much as anybody can sound positive in the race). In my younger days I recall McCoy winning many races from positions that would have had most other jockeys give up a long way out. He is simply brilliant, the best ever jump jockey and the game will miss him when he’s no longer in the saddle - Win only).

Soll @ 14/1 (sadly I missed the bigger odds, too late but took what I could - win only bet)

BalleyCasey @25/1 (saw the money coming in for Mullins and Walsh so jumped on EW)

If either of those 3 win the National it will be a very nice day indeed ; )

wow those little un’s fairly killed the national anthem lol

Cant believe I removed many clouds from my slip…not to worry, still a good day… I was screaming AP home on the 2nd circuit

Darn, no joy for my two… I was trying to follow the text updates on the race on limited internet connection on a train trundling through Switzerland, which made the atmosphere a bit different!

Need to find another get rich quick scheme!

I was runner-up in Paddy Powers Aintree tipster comp and have a free £50 bet which expires on the 18th. Anyone have any decent things to bet on? I’m thinking of Victoria Azarenka to win Wimbledon at 16-1 looks a tasty bet, but don’t fancy waiting until July to collect.

I hear that Jameis Winston has a decent chance of being the 1st pick in the draft, might be some value to be had there ; )

Palace to win next game (West Brom at home) stick it to Pulis!

Last 2 games I nearly pulled the trigger and didn’t and both time me teams come thru taking down Man City at home last Monday night (bet they would of been nice odds) and smashing Sunderland away Saturday in a mental second half after Sunderland had looked solid 1st half only conceding the one just before half time - I watched the game live over the net!

Very tempted to have £30 on them myself (hope I’m not the jinx) as I myself had a losing stake refunded from the ODI World Cup thanks to the Australians winning - though I wish they hadn’t as I had backed NZ for £50 total - 2 separate bets only the £30 pre tourney start was covered in the refund promo that I have to turnover within 18 days - in a way it’s not really a refund forcing you to turn it over in a small timeframe as it gives them a second chance to nab it as you look for something quick to come in. £ things I nearly put it on and didn’t have all come in - Palace of City, Palace away at Sunderland and Hamilton to win the Chinese GP but odds on the last was so skinny I didn’t risk it - £30 to win £39… but kind of wish I had now as it would have played through the requirement.

Oh well do I do Liverpool over Newcastle tonight or wait till weekend for my own team and watch the game… decisions, decisions…

Got the Kentucky Derby and the Guinees meeting coming up and the start of May, maybe try to find something there, as you seem to do well on the horses

Cheers Guys, Bit of a long shot but it’s an easy come, easy go type of punt:
Single: Atletico Madrid @ 18/1
1 line at £50.00 per line
Total stake for this bet: £50.00
Free bets voucher: £50.00
Potential returns: £900.00
No: O/0119659/00005

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