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Graham goes from black & gold to scum

I cant believe what I am reading, Graham & a 4th round pick goes to the Seahawks for Max Unger!? and the 31st pick!!

This must be a money move, the saints face the stiffest test this off season in their fight against the cap.

I’m with you with that one Gordon but I’m even more shocked of the news that says Bradford is going to Eagles and Foles the other way. Bradford is so injury prone though. Yes I know Foles have been injured too but not as serious as ACL injury.

Even bigger news - Case Keenum has gone from the Texans to the Rams, for the second time in a year!

Ok, maybe not bigger news…

Julius Thomas from the Broncos to the Jags is pretty big though. They’re almost forming a good team.

That was one hell of a night for those who love the off season intrigue and drama!!

The more I think about the Graham trade the more accepting of it I am becoming. I agree Anders, I think the Rams just got the better deal although I understood some picks were involved and I’m not yet sure what they were.

Julius Thomas to the Jags, they are fast becoming just about ok ; )

And Revis back to the Jets!! WTF!!!

LeSean McCoy to the Bills and Suh to the Dolphins? Interesting… And both those guys will be playing at the IS games in Wembley :slight_smile:

Looks like DeMarco Murray’s going to the Eagles? Booooooooooooooooo!

It’s looking that way dude…