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Golf Betting - Theory

Hi Guys,

I grew up playing golf and in spurts since then followed the US PGA tour and in terms of betting I always had a theory which I failed to follow through on. This year I thought I would take on the weekly challenge in an effort to see if my theory works or not. There will be some weeks where there are no applicable bets available and along the way some winners and losers but the idea is that through the course of a season a profit shall be made, we shall see.

The bet is always placed between round 3 and round 4 so if anybody wants to follow my theory I shall post bets in this thread any time from late Saturday through to tea time on a Sunday.

As it happens I am starting this week and there is a bet =

Matt Kucher to win the Humana Challenge @ 7.2 (betfair)



I’m interested, I love betting on golf. Please keep posting.

Unlucky with your fist one, He ended up trading at half the odds you said, so hopefully you locked in a profit.

Thanks Dean,

MK played a solid last round (bogey free and -5) and finished joint 2nd just one shot behind the winner. Ultimately however its a loss in week 1.

While its a lot of fun to buy and sell on golf I’m trying to run a theory that means I’m free to bet and leave it. Dean, your info is interesting however and if I find I hit a lot of close losses such as this week there may well be value in the buying and selling process on Sunday nights.

Will report back next week to advise if we have a bet or not.


Perhaps it’s because I’m from Yorkshire, that I always try to lock in a profit :smile:

Buying & selling NFL on Betfair used to be a piece of piss, I was upset on a Monday if I hadn’t traded to ‘at least’ +£50 on all 3 live games. But punters have become much more savvy and have a better understanding of the game now, so it’s a little harder.

Any bets in Dubai anyone?

Not for me, I know the US tour a lot better. That said if the above theory pans out it would apply to any tour.

Sadly no bet this week at the Arizona Phoenix Open, lets see what next week brings

Do we have a bet this week… hell yes…

Harris English to win the Farmers Insurance Open @ 6.8 (Betfair)

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Sadly yet another close loss, Harris English birdied the last to enter a 4 way playoff. He was eliminated at the 1st extra hole. That’s two losses to start, sounds alarming but it’s not at all. Its encouraging that both tips performed well and took it to the wire and at the prices we are playing two losses in a row will not be totally uncommon. Lets see if next week brings us anything.

Hi Guys,

Sorry. I did check the leaderboard between Sat and Sun rounds but with it being valentines and my b-day today I did not get time to post that there was no bet this weekend. As I type this Snedeker has wrapped up the AT&T.

So with both bets so far going down to the wire at good prices lets see what next week brings.

I actually have another theory, well its more of a system actually, around golf which involves in play trading across the weekend, I’m a little excited with it as at this early stage other than discipline failures I cant see how it would fail. I’m going to continue running the above theory here to see how it pans out over the season and I will run my new “system” privately for a few months to see how well it works or whether I have missed something.

Goosen to win the Northern Trust Open @ 5.4 (betfair)

OK so that was just a bitter disappointment but I’m not giving up yet…

On the other hand I “practiced” my golf system this weekend and it had a nice result, the system has a lot of potential.

I don’t follow golf but just had this offer - think anyone can get it:

Question is though is it worth a few quid - anyone advise?

I hope you didn’t go for it, Noel!

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