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Gamepass or Sky Sports

Hi fellas.

I’m mulling over the options for NFL viewing this season at the moment and wanted to get some unbiased opinions - NFLUK is obviously biased towards Gamepass and seemingly has some company reps on the boards.

So what is your opinions? I’m lead to believe that Gamepass now includes RZ channel and all playoff games, even when viewing in the UK. The last time I subscribed to it, a few years ago, they were both exclusive to Sky.

Aside from the two blacked out games, which are often the best games of the week, Gamepass obviously shows all the other games. Which, as a Colts fan is quite good for me.

But I’m still wary of the quality of service from Gamepass. They have been awful in the past with buffering issues, apps not working etc. Its a lot of money to shell out for poor quality and the feedback of the new apps seems worrying too. They don’t even seem to have a new app for Apple TV, which would be my preferred method of watching. Don’t want to watch games on a laptop.

If Sky, I’d need to consider whether I can get all the channels and functionality from just adding Sky Sports to my BT package, or fully make the change to Sky for TV & broadband. BT aren’t great, so I wouldn’t be opposed to doing so. Just takes time and installation fee.

Thanks for your input.

Afternoon! Last season I would have been a huge advocate for GamePass. You’re right that all Redzones and playoff games were available last year,the only blackouts were the 2 sky games (6.00 and 9.00 on Sundays) in the regular season. There was an extensive archive and the ability to download games on an iPad - as a commuter that was a massive win. The picture quality was variable but fine more often than not

But… the NFL switched technology provider for GamePass over this summer with no notice. That meant the iPad app stopped working immediately. Over the last month the new "improved " GamePass website and app have appeared. There have been lots of teething troubles - billing problems, a far smaller archive, problems with downloading or with casting from phones or tablets to bigger screens (via airplay or chromecast). Things are gradually getting fixed but a lot of goodwill has been lost. The NFLUK forum pages have a lot of angry people on grumbling about this… Personally I have not renewed my annual subscription and am waiting to see how much gets fixed by week 1… if it gets sorted out so it’s roughly the same as last season then I would say definitely buy it it’s the NFL fan’s best friend. If it hasn’t improved I will reluctantly fall back on Sky.

I have both but for me the quality of gamepass is excelllent and buffering etc has never been an issue for me except in the rare occassions where there has been an obvious issue that affected everyone.

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Didn’t realise all that Jon! Although I’ve had my own billing issues didn’t realise it was extensive as this… I’ll still subscribe by preseason week 3 though probably

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Yeah, I’ll probably crack and pay the money…!

Thanks guys. I think I’ll stand put for the next week or so until updates/bug fixes have been made.

I love my Gamepass sub and I’d sooner eat grass than give it up. I’m holding off until the week before the games start though in the hope that the teething problems are all fixed with the new tech/app/provider. The pre-season stuff is all filler and doesn’t really interest me anyway.

I never have a problem with black outs, as I will have Red Zone running and they still show the blackout games in Red Zone.

Not had a Sky Sports sub for years.

I’ve not really checked into it but do know despite when I first signed up and selected not to auto renew - as in went in the a/c area and turned auto renew off - they have still auto renewed and billed me every year since - I wanted to buy new each time as I always found it cheaper looking at costs in different markets and using the best one to pay as my CC has no overseas payment charges plus always went through a cashback site so that got me another £15 odd back the first ever year - however I’m bad at chasing up things and ever since that first year I did all that leg work and got a good deal it has just charged me in one lump at the full rate - and yet again its done it again to me for this year for £140. :frowning: