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Game Pass Subscription Renewals

Hey All,

I received an email from GP today re my subs, they are due to auto renew soon. Yours may be the same, just a heads up in case you dont fancy the renew at this time. Apparently they are now including the playoffs and SB for UK fans as well as downloadable games. Watch that space I guess.



Fantastic value and not upping the price sensible in post Brexit era​:grinning::+1:

Have to say we are fortunate to have such a product out there

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Totally agree Shani, when its broken down to per week or even per game it really is great value

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Think I’d sooner eat grass for a year than give up my gamepass sub! :grinning:


I tend to always cancel and then renew a fresh as always a little deal and can get a kick back using a cashback site - but that is fiddly and means I often don’t do it to nearer the season so miss all the good content you can probably view in the off season - but yeah it is good value I think and the HD quality picture means I don’t mind paying for this as it’s a fair price for what you get - I know I can find streams on line for games and most stuff but never as good a picture so this takes away the hassle having a GP sub. :thumbsup:

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Does anybody know or would speculate if the Amazon Prime series ‘All or Nothing’ following the Cards would be available this season on the NFL Films tab? I’d really like to watch that but not sure I can justify getting Prime just for that!

Have you tried using kodi?

Yeah I have looked at it before and I don’t know I thought it was a bit fiddly! If that makes sense? Like it seems like hard work to me just to watch something.

I thought it was not tied down to just prime users?

I think you can watch the first episode for free but after that it says prime members only. Guess I could do the trial, watch them all and then cancel. :innocent:

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You just need to have the right up to date build installed and kodi is very simple one setup. Try one of the pulse builds

Not sure if this show is gonna be in Game Pass or free elsewhere on NFL.com but just read about a new NFL Network morning show from NYC that Brits can watch at lunchtimes:

NFL Network Announces New Morning Show

That looks great Noel, I love the NFL morning shows… They should be on all day :smiley:

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