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Free Fantasy Sports Championship

If any one on here likes fantasy games per-se then I just wanted to make you all aware I run a fantasy sports championship annually on NFLUK for free. it’s basically any sports games I find online that is free to enter I set up a private league on them for people to join and incorporate all the games I find into a championship with points awarded for where you finish over all and a leader board kept on NFLUK. At the end of all the games the person with the most cumulative points is declared champion for that year. It’s a great way to try lots of games on all kinds of sports without dropping any money but also finding leagues that are still highly competitive.

Some people like to dip in and out just doing the games that interest them or others like myself will do them all to try and garner enough points to become Fantasy Sports NFLUK Forum Champion - either option is totally fine by me as more entrants in each game the merrier.

Any way full rules and how this all works can be found following this link:

NFLUK Forum Fantasy Sports Championship 2016

First 2 fantasy game/events of the 2016 season are already posted up on that thread which are:

Yahoo Fantasy Golf (starts Jan 7th)


NFL.com Play Off Challenge (starts Jan 9th)

So if you want to get involved don’t delay - sign up and join in the fun. :sunglasses:

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Can confirm this is good fun - Noel pulls in fantasy games from the wide world of sports and they are all free to play.
Particularly enjoyed doing the cycling ones (3 a year, Tour de France, Giro d Italia, Vuelta a España), but there is soccer, golf, motor sports, all sorts, plus NFL of course. I don’t play all the games so I will never win the overall title, I just dip in and out on events that interest me. Worth keeping an eye on (especially if Noel tips us off on here, as I am on the nfluk site far less nowadays now we have this one!)

:soccer: :rugby_football: :tennis:

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