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Free Bets / Promos - how do you keep track?

I loose enough money sports betting as it is so it really hurts to loose out on free bets to that I was awarded but all the bookies seem to only give you 7 days (some even less) to use of lose them and I just discovered via a screen shot I lost out on a £20 free bet back In the Rugby Work Cup from Betway as they had a promo that outright bets was refunded if NZ won (which they did) so I would of got back my £20 on England… alas I needed to remember this and use within 7 days which I did not according to them so they tell me - they say I did get it applied but it expired after not being used within 7 days. :frowning:

So just curious what’s peoples methods of keeping track what promos their involved in and the free bets their due when using like me over a dozen different sports books all with different rules/promos/offers and when they expire or certain restriction strings (i.e. can’t use on horse racing or not on anything with a price bigger than 7/1 etc.) to make sure they don’t miss out?

As soon as I get them I put all free bets on the NFL outright market!