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FPL - WINNER TAKES ALL - 2021/22 (Money Leagues)

This will be the seventeenth year I have run an online mini-league on the Premier Leagues own fantasy football game.

Quite simply - register online, select your team and then if you wish join one or both of my mini leagues.

website address Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

For the first time ever, my Classic League will be going up by +£5 to enter from this season onwards, so £15 (£10 + £5) total. This is because of the new Cup competition FPL is offering in Classic Scoring Leagues. So, the extra £5 entry per team is to make the prize for the Cup winner.

However, there is no Cup competition in The Head to Head league so it will remain just £10 to enter.

The first league is what’s known as a ‘classic’ style league - where we are all in a league together and your total fantasy points scored decides your position in the league and at the end of the season whoever is top takes home the number of entrants in the league x £10… hence the league name being: WINNER TAKES ALL

& the eventual winner of the new Cup competition will bank the number of teams in the league x £5.

I DID NOT restart this Classic league this season even though FPL gave me the option to do so because that would mean anyone who played last year would have automatically been added to my league this season when they joined FPL and I could not be sure everyone would want to play for money in my league again this season. So, if you want in this season you will have to manually join even if you partook last season.

Name of this league: WINNER TAKES ALL

The other league I run is a ‘head to head’ style league where you are matched with another opponent in the league each week of the season and your weekly score versus the person you’re playing decides whether you win, lose or draw and like in the real Premier League you get 3 points a win, 1 point a draw and nothing for a loss. Those points decide your place within the league and with this league whomever is top of the league at the end of the season wins all the money (as the head to head league does not have a cup competition).

Name of this league: HEAD 2 HEAD - W.T.A.

So, in both leagues it works like this - 1st place at the end of the season takes all the £10 wonga (so # of teams x £10 = prize).
But also, from this season onwards the extra £5 entry fee in the Classic league goes to make up the internal Cup prize. (so # of teams x £5 = cup prize).

The more teams, the more prize money on offer - so go recruit your friends (but not if there any good)!

FPL lets you join many leagues but you can only have one team and that team is in however many leagues you join - so it’s no more time consuming to join multiple leagues. So, if you’re doing this game already think about joining one or both of my money leagues - after all it’s only a few quid and you may win a nice prize for your season’s efforts… always more fun when there’s money on it - don’t you think?

If your new to my games and don’t know how to pay me or simply forgotten just e-mail me, PM me from here (TFP forum) or hit me up on my Discord channel and I’ll send you the info. You can play in this league from anywhere in the world. Lastly I seem to get every year brand new names join and no contact is made to pay so from now on anyone who has not paid the entry fee in the Classic league will be deleted during gameweek one and in the Head to Head league I will have a cull on the first day of the season before first deadline is reached and remove any unpaid for teams. So if you truly want in make sure you pay before season starts.

bluelionman (aka Noel Symonds)
Fan Pub Founding Member

PS - I keep a winner’s history for all fantasy games I run so thought you might like to see that history for my FPL money leagues (perhaps your name can appear here at the end of this coming season):-



2005/06 - DEAD RABBITS - DENE POWELL - 1910 - £40
2006/07 - McBEARS BEARS - DOUGLAS HAY - 1989 - £70
2007/08 - BH GALAXY - ANDY SMITH - 2076 - £90
2008/09 - SPARTAK HOVE - ANDY SMITH - 1991 - £70
2009/10 - HANSA ALDRINGTON - ANDY SMITH - 2230 - £60
2010/11 - VAN DUTCH - NOEL SYMONDS - 2100 - £60
2011/12 - DYNAMO ALDRINGTON - ANDY SMITH - 2060 - £60
2012/13 - DEPORTIVO ALDRINGTON - ANDY SMITH - 2075 - £60
2013/14 - HERTHA ALDRINGTON - ANDY SMITH - 2350 - £130
2014/15 - BOBBY SAAG - MARK PEARSON - 2242 - £130
2015/16 - SALTDEAN SEAGULLS - ANDY SMITH - 2215 - £200
2016/17 - BRITOS EMPIRE - MARK PEARSON - 2357 - £170
2017/18 - [TIE] GEOFREAK33 - ADRIAN MAGNUSSEN - 2303 - £75
[TIE] WAR HERO FC - RYAN DOUSE - 2303 - £75
2018/19 - DIEDHIOU SEE THAT? - JAMES TAYLOR - 2425 - £150
2019/20 - GRECIAN TOFFEE BENGALS - IAN WRAY - 2418 - £270
2020/21 - GRECIAN TOFFEE BENGALS - IAN WRAY - 2486 - £230



2010/11 - VAN DUTCH - NOEL SYMONDS - 75 - £25
2011/12 - DYNAMO ALDRINGTON - ANDY SMITH - 73 - £40
2012/13 - HOLMANBALLS - MARK PEARSON - 87 - £50
2013/14 - BACUNA BANANA - MARK PEARSON - 83 - £90
2014/15 - VIKING CITY - ROBERT McGREGOR - 75 - £70
2015/16 - RUDY CAN FAIL - MARK PEARSON - 84 - £140
2016/17 - VIKING CITY - ROBERT McGREGOR - 79 - £100
2017/18 - WAR HERO FC - RYAN DOUSE - 79 - £130
2018/19 - GEOFREAK33 - ADRIAN MAGNUSSEN - 79 - £80
2019/20 - *** League Void - Game not finished by FPL due to Covid-19 ***
​2020/21 - KEEP OFF THE GRASS - RUSSELL OWEN - 75 - £190

Good luck - hope to see you in my league(s) soon…

I can confrim that everyone in the Head to Head league has paid up and the prize is £200 for the winner.

In the FPL Classic League we had one non payer:


His team will now be deleted and he is no longer welcome in any games of mine for a period of 1 year from today 1 September 2021. He will be added to my welchers list here:

BLM Fantasy Money Games WELCHERS

That leaves 28 entries who have all paid making the prizes this season:

Winner of League (WTA) £280.
Winner of Cup £140.

Best of luck to all & thanks for joining.