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FPL - WINNER TAKES ALL - 2018/19 (£10 Money Leagues)


This will be the fourteenth year I have run an on-line mini-league on the Premier Leagues own fantasy football game.

Quite simply - register on line, select your team and then if you wish to play in a money league you can apply to join one or both of mine.

website address: Fantasy Premier League

Both of my leagues are for money and are £10 each to enter.

The first league is what’s known as a ‘classic’ style league - where we are all in a league together and your total score decides your position in the league and at the end of the season who ever is top takes all the money… hence the league name being:


Code to join this league: (given on request once direct contact established)

Due to several people joining last year from this public posting and never contacting me to sort out paying the entry fee I am now not publicly displaying the codes. I will supply them when direct contact is established and also advise how to make payment.

The other league I run is a ‘head to head’ style league where you are matched with another opponent in the league each week of the season and your weekly score versus the person your playing decides whether you win, lose or draw and like in the real Premier League you get 3 points a win, 1 point a draw and nothing for a loss. Those points decide your place within the league and just as with the above league whomever is top of the league at the end of the season wins all the money.


Code to join this league: (given on request once direct contact established)

So in booth leagues it works like this - 1st place at the end of the season takes all the wonga (so # of teams x £10 = prize).

The more teams, the more prize money on offer - so go recruit your friends (but not if their any good)!

FPL lets you join many leagues but you can only have one team and that team is in however many leagues you join - so it’s no more time consuming to join multiple leagues. So if your doing this game already think about joining one or both of my money leagues - after all it’s only a few quid and you may win a nice prize for your seasons efforts… always more fun when there’s money on it - don’t you think?

Good luck - hope to see you in my league(s) soon…

Noel (aka bluelionman)

Well another long season comes to an end and very well done to jrt55555 James Taylor who wins the Classic FPL WTA league for 2018/19 and bags £150 for his troubles - as we had 15 entrants in my classic league this season.

Well another long season comes to an end and last seasons FPL Classic league winner follows up with an FPL Head 2 Head league win this season so a big congratulations to geofreak33 Adrian Magnussen who wins the Head 2 Head FPL WTA league for 2018/19. Sadly we had a big drop in entrants this season compared to last season (only 8 teams this year) so the prize is only £80 this time. Hopefully entries will go up again for next season.