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FPL 2019/2020 Overall Winner Deleted

Wow, I heard a lot online earlier this week about the chap from Bulgaria who truly won the FPL league for 2019/20 was removed from the game for alleged racist comments he made towards Raheem Sterling but and get this in a private group chat with other so called friends of his.

One copied it or the offending bits and passed it on to FPL. As abhorrent as that maybe and have heard Eastern Europe is further behind in its anti racist ways and views than Western Europe - a bit like the UK was in the 80’s but to be deleted for something said in private and not be out and out cheating in game play itself - like having multiple teams or such I think it a bit much and to only have this brought up after the end of the game. Dude losses out on 50K GBP (which I bet goes some in Bulgaria) plus a weekend VIP trip to a Premier League game of team of their choice. Ouch

Why was the Fantasy Premier League 2019-20 winner deleted…