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Foster, Ellington, Jeffrey, Lacey and others injured

Loads of early injuries Foster may need surgery on his groin Bryant has had surgery already. Loads of others have minor knocks. It’s a minefield already!

And I’d like to thank all the guys who forced me to take Alfred blue in the auction draft haha

Blue also has had some issues but should be ok

Source: ESPN
During the Texans’ first full pad practice on Monday, Arian Foster injured his groin in what appears to be a fairly serious injury. Early reports indicate that Foster may require surgery and could be placed on injured reserve with a designation to return.

Fantasy Impact: Without official word, all fantasy owners will want to heavily monitor this situation to find out whether or not he will indeed require surgery. At this point, expectations should be that Alfred Blue will start the season and could very well be the man for the greater portion of the first half, if not the entire year. Jonathan Grimes and Chris Polk would be in line behind Blue on the depth chart.

If Foster gets placed on IR with a designation to return, he wouldn’t be able to return to the lineup for at least the first eight games of the season. This is a reminder that Foster has missed 11 games over the last two seasons with injuries and has always been an injury risk.

Yeah you owe me one George

Fffffffffff! :frowning:

Bad from a fantasy perspective, but awful as a Texans fan. With Foster, an amazing D and some potential in Mallet, I had reasonable hope for this season. If we lose Foster’s running game… :disappointed:

I was re-watching the Texans @ Browns game on Sunday for a refresher on Mallet (his only full game). It’s also the game where Blue played instead of Foster. Whilst Mallet gave a top class performance that gave me some confidence, Blue was one of the least inspiring running backs I’ve ever watched. He just runs in a straight line against a brick wall every. single. time. Kind of like the African American Toby Gerhart. That said he still ran for 156yds so maybe not a total fantasy f*ckup.

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3.1 yards per carry average is very uninspiring it’s no wonder the Texans are looking at other FA.