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Foreign Currency

Apart for the USA all other countries I been to change their currency notes every so often I think and as you seem to always loose out when changing currency - I used to just keep it thinking I’d go back again but now am thinking I have messed up as I not be back to Czech Republic ever and it was 2007 I went there, also I’ve not been back to the Euro zone since 2011 I think.

Have a fair bit of each currency and not sure if all the notes still good and what best thing to do is… any one here have any experience, tips or suggestions get best rates for my money or will any banks change notes to current valid ones or more in date ones FOC (free of charge)?

I guess best would be find someone going to countries and looking up what exchange rate is wholesale so we both get fair rate and middle man taken out but wish there was a better way going forward - can’t be the only one gets caught like this after travelling.

Interested to hear others thoughts and what have you on this.

He He :wink:

haha, good one dude, not seen that before

:thumbsup: Wow - thanks Superstar - I’d never heard of the Currency Commission before - why do I still seem sceptical but oh well the Czech Koruna been in my draw for donkeys!