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For my next video What do you want

Hi coaches

The next video I do should be a question and answer video…

Please add any questions you have on this thread and I will endeavour to answer them…

Just caught up and wAtched the lot
Very interesting
It’s a shame you can’t give away too much but your still insightful
My suggestion are strategies around drafting bench (mix) and for getting around bye weeks…

Cheers shani good questions!!

Can I ask more than one question!

  1. You have anecdotal proof that an RB 1st round pick strategy gives an advantage based on historical games, Does that mean you would rather pick early in our draft, to get one of the premier backs?

  2. When you say you participate in 50 FF games, is that in total or one season?

  3. In your opinion which draft position is the worst in the live 16 team game? 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16?

Great questions will cover them in the next video…