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Football In & Out

Hi Guys,

Yes it should be good. Hopefully it shall be an enjoyable resource as well as force me to learn more about the game along the way. It seems logical to start with all the positions on the field and move from there into things such as formations and play types but also touching on rules on and off the field such as Anders’ little gem there.

That its a beauty to get us off and running Anders, had never heard of that!

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Sounds good - will be interesting to see if the things puzzling you are the same ones puzzling me!

Looking forward to reading your words of wisdom Gordon :grinning:

I just read an article where I discovered something I didn’t know about the game:

According to the official NFL rulebook, a forfeit occurs: “… when a game is not played because of the failure or refusal of one team to participate. In that event, the other team, if ready and willing to play, is the winner by a score of 2-0” (the points earned in a safety). Why a two-point safety? Because those points are the league’s only scores that are not credited to any one player.
This little-discussed rule is even less frequently applied, since dating back to 1920 there has been just one forfeit. Specifically, December 4, 1921, when the Rochester Jeffersons lost by forfeit to the Washington Pros/Senators. Since the league was just a year old and this rule was not yet established, the referee scored the game 1-0. No word on whose stats got padded with the point.

That’s one hell of a rule Anders, I had never even heard of that. Just the kind of thing I’m talking about.

I think its logical to start with positions on the field and move from there into play types, formations, rules and tactics etc. It’s not going to be an overnight thing obviously ; )