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Following the Game

I was wondering how you all follow the game - I’m fairly new to FF - this is my fourth year and now I tend to now watch on RedZone- I have Gamepass and will delve into a game that’s looking interesting but esp for the early Sunday games RZ does the trick
I find it VERY difficult then to catch up with the whole games afterwards

I watch sky sports nfl games and have my ipad tuned into one of many sites for stat updates…

Kinda the same as you Shani, I have redzone on and then I flick between games on Gamepass depending on what I am betting on or my own fantasy teams

I have gamespas but not a big fan of redzone, I’ll pick a 6pm and 9pm game and watch them trying to see most teams in the league at least once. I’ll usually watch the Texans depending on how the season is going. If it is one sided then I may switch/watch a bit of redzone.

I think they introduced game downloads on iPad last year, the trouble is I generally know the results before Monday morning. I have a 2hr commute each way so will probably get through a game or two like that as well.

Gamepass for me, for the 6pm and 9pm (and MNF/TNF) games, always watching every Texans and Cowboys game. Usually with the Foxsports scoreboard running on a screen somewhere.

Always try to watch the late night games on C4, I’ll usually watch the first half then decide how much sleep I want to get before Monday morning, and either continue watching or catch it up the following evening.

Basically from September-Dec/Jan I’m just trying to consume everything NFL possible. It’s a sport that lends itself well to dark, cold nights in with nachos, beer and BBQ.

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Sunday is just a special day at the Clausen’s household. The tradition is that when the NFL season kicks off, I cook an Indian curry from scratch while watching NFL pre-show on GamePass every Sunday. From 18:00 it’s just all Red Zone on GamePass till the early morning. Sundays just don’t get better than that! There’s just something special about seeing every play that counts in fantasy football.


I make sure I do family stuff all day Sunday then 5:30pm I get the main room to myself.

Laptop - All Bookmakers tabbed open
Chromebook - Betfair
Ipad - ESPN Fantasy Tracker
Mobile Phone is on but clicked to Do Not Disturb - Twitter Feed only.

Sky tends to be the game unless its a blow out hen I switch to RedZone

Last year I watched GP via the xbox (HD stream quality) which usually includes RZ for the early games (unless I had a bet on a specific team) and the later games are watched the same way. This year I am planning to watch a little less, those 10 hour stints where I do nothing but watch the screen are simply killing my eyes lol.

I’m looking forward to some of that curry Anders! It will be good to hook up for some early Sunday night football this season.

What really excites me however is my plan for the 2016 season. The property we are trying to buy right now has the ideal patio in the back garden to support my NFL watching dream which is basically a lit patio area with seats/bench and TV mounted on the back wall with a push button canvas cover that rolls out to cover the TV and patio area when it rains. When this happens I will be welcoming you all round for Sunday night football lol.

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Red zone is great but there is something to be said about watching a game unfold and not just watching the points get scored. I often get conflicted on which is my preference lol, the excitement or the rewarding…

I myself last year for the first time ever signed up to Game Pass and wished I’d done it seasons ago - I watched every Lions game all season except for the Wembley one as I was there live. Then when not the Lions had RedZone on for 6pm and 9pm games. Also I watched live every Thursday night, Monday night and late Sunday night football games plus all the Thanks giving slate and then thanks to my mates SkyGo all the play-off games on Sky Sports with the Super Bowl as always at Super Bash.

I see no reason for the above changing this season. Also if anyone is interested I will be going to that Marylebone sports bar George showed me to last year after the Lions/Chiefs game this year as I know they will have the game sound on and the NFL games going. Be great if any of you in London that day fancy meeting same place - I’ll be bring x4 US Lions fans in tow with me who are coming over most likely.

Gordon, I love your idea about your outdoor ‘man cave’ - sounds really similar to one of those pubs in London where we watched NFL one night. I think we should go back there when the new season starts, so you could get some good ideas :wink:

You’re always welcome at Casa Clausen for the NFL/curry night - as a matter of fact you all are. I’ve already decided on cooking my favourite hot chicken Biryani for the first Sunday of the new NFL season - let me know how much to make :smile:

Yeh fella, that venue gave me the idea.

Will def be over to yours but going on holiday for a week in sep right about the start of the season (exact dates unknown) but otherwise will gladly be there chap.

If that isn’t the first week of September I’ll put that down to poor planning :wink: Who goes on holiday during the NFL season if it’s not to watch a live game ha ha.

Hope you have a cracking holiday dude … I’m just envious!

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I know, I’m a little p*ssed at how its worked out but will enjoy it when it happens I am sure.

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