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Following next season via Sky Sports


I am currently looking at alternatives for watching football next season. I recall watching red zone on sky sports with Anders before (red button I think) however I need to know whether this is available all season long? Also need to know if red zone continues into the 2nd wave of games on Sunday nights?

Basically I’m asking for a clear understanding of what limitations there are when trying to follow the season through sky sports only.

Hopefully somebody can advise, many thanks in advance!


I always use sky sports I’ve considered alternatives but I personally love it.
You can use red zone most of the time the updates are very spontaneous.
What I’m really looking for thou is more interacvity with my fantasy players.

Thanks Sean,

Keen to understand what you mean by “most of the time”? And also what you mean by “updates can be spontaneous”?


Some times red zone is unavailable it’s rare thou…
As for updates I want to list my fantasy players and get real live updates currently I have to use a computer and to together be great if they flashed up as I watched.

Ok well I suppose I could live with an odd break in red zone service. As for player live feeds, sounds like you need what I’m leaving behind, an unlimited ISP connection, GP and xbox one :cry:

Love Sky Sports for NFL. Watch RedZone on TV and the live games on the Ipad, all seem to be ‘right up to the second’ feeds.

I ditched Sports after the Superbowl but they have since offered it for half price which I will probably take them up on because I need F1 and Golf to get me through the summer.

Sounds good. I was all ready to move my entire life to streaming, removing the need for landline & TV license + but now I have to revert back to traditional means… Oh well sounds like a decent solution is offered up by sky.

Thanks guys

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I miss Sky Sports a bit but not had it for about 3 years now - in the end prices kept going up - I got my access via cable (Virgin) but now I live with it all over the net and an HDMI cable to my TV so I can throw picture across.

I subscribe to game Pass for NFL.
I pay for a VPN and then use it to change my location and scour the internet and chatting with friends to find sites to stream my fav TV series and shows for free and as for sports find channels showing what I want in other countries - its a real fiddle and often cant be arsed but if I wanted I can get all premier league football games live from NBCSports website in USA thanks to mates stateside as not only do you need to be in US you need a cable affiliate login.

Think this way I have saved a load on TV fees - and watch many highlight shows instead like F1 highlights and MOTD.

Your lucky to have virgin Noel, would love that at our gaff.