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Five Guys

Hey all,

Just wanted to say, if you feel peckish any time soon and you see a Five Guys burger joint… pop in, fill your belly and with the receipt you can enter a competition online to win a trip to SB 50!


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If you enter that competition, you’ll also (probably) win a free meal at Five Guys. I did at least. And the “proof of winning” is an incredibly basic email with no identifiable information, so you could probably print it out a bunch of times if you wanted.

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I posted this comp on the competitions section a while ago as I also won a meal but don’t know a Five Guys near me though I am going to London today so maybe there’s one in Central London?

Yeah there’s one right next to Oxford Circus tube station.

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Sweet though I feel a bit embarrassed presenting an e-mail and asking for a freebie - is that just me or most people?

PS For anyone else that wants to enter find the links in this post:

Just tried to print my e-mail and it comes out so faint I don’t know if they will accept it. Only put a new printer ink cartridge in not long ago - can’t be empty already surely??? :angry:

A little… just do it when it’s a bit quieter so you’re not holding up a queue of people behind you. When I used it the first guy had no real idea what it was but then a girl came along and knew what to do.

The burgers are really good, but way over priced (considering it’s a fast food joint), so no wonder they’ve got to give away freebies to get people to try it.

Five Guys make nice burgers but they are sure not cheap, if you have the option of a free dinner go fill your fill your belly LM. London is full of people who don’t give a damn about the people behind them so dont be shy dude.

I ended up winning a free meal also, printed it today… given the cost of their burger meals its not to be sniffed at : )

Lucky I think you have one in Reading - I never did use mine.

The Mrs has a couple of days off so I gave my voucher to her. She’s such a lucky girl ; )

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Won a burger - cheers Noel