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First video video "draft planning " (1)

Enjoy comment share!!


Nice one Sean, loved it - wondered where it was going with the Hollywood style production in the first minute… Interesting to see your method - bits were like mine, but some very different, like the tree diagram.

Keep 'em coming - if you could provide a list of your 2015 sleepers and deep sleepers in the next instalment, that would be just great !

Nice one Sean, entertaining as always fella!!

Sean please don’t fulfill Jon’s request lol

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I will give Jon a deep sleeper “tebow”

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I loved it - especially the start - however made me wish we bought a wooden spoon trophy for last place - can still do that. Also I wish someone had been available to film our draft and then cut it down to a good video put to music or something as I reckon it would be a major selling point to new peeps who are hesitant - especially regards my new expansion £200 IDP league.

Superb, good to get some insight into other players methods.

Not always picking the best player on the board is an interesting decision, I think I generally would unless constrained by positions at the end of the draft. Didn’t you pick two Tier 2 QBs last year (can’t remember if it was you or Gordon) always find this an interesting strategy :smile:

Thanks for posting!

I drafted two tier 2 QBs last year and it totally sank on me :sob:

Excellent video Sean - you seemed very calm and relaxed. Looking forward to your next video.

Tebow’s now on my list. Thanks!