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Finally... Draft Kings Launches Over Here

Draft Kings has now officially launched over here.

I received an email from them this afternoon with news. I had been hoping to have an advert in the newsletter when they were first set to launch (Autumn) but things didn’t pan out due to the delay.

The FanPub affiliated link to sign-up:

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Good shout but its not actually possible to login yet, it seems

You need to download the app to login and play.

Really, any reason why it differs from the US site then?

As a guess, I suppose it has to do with the license they have to operate over here.

I cant play from Ireland :frowning:

Hey mconabike…

Unless I’m missing something nobody can play in the UK yet either. The site still does not offer a login link (web site still under development it seems) and I am unable to locate anything other than the Canadian client for my android. Will give it a shot and return…

You absolutely can play from the UK. I would not have mentioned this if I did not know this as fact.

As noted previously, you can only use this from the app due to the licence DraftKings has (remote). People in Ireland are unable to register as the country does not fall into the jurisdiction.

I’ll add an image below showing the iOS app. You’ll see my username to prove that you can play from over here plus you will see that I have money in my account. All done from the UK.

I’m not joining until we’ve sorted out a sponsorship deal with this site. The website will provide a fantastic platform to discuss tactics and performance during the season.

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Thanks, this was my next question Equinoxx, does the IOS app store have the app? I guess so! The android app store does not according to my android phone and when I google the play store on my pc I can see a link to the android version of the app but when taking that link it tells me the app is not available in my region currently.

So it seems DraftKings is currently here for UK users who also have IOS devices only.

I’m with you Dean - besides I am always slow to get involved with new tech - took half a season for me to look into Watts App and now I love it. No rush for me on this and got to September before new season anyhow - just hope this does not deplete my entry pool of those who currently take part in my various season long games deciding this is more for them at the expense of longer time games.

I’ll talk to them again soon once the new site’s up :wink:

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Thought this was the official J.J. Watt app for a moment…


I take it back. The reason I could not gain access via the android was because I already had a draftkings account so I was therefore not taking the only option available at the UK web site currently which is to “sign up”. Its only once you sign up are you then taken to the download of the android client.

Thanks Equinoxx for responding.

I get your point Dean but I was hoping to have a nibble at the fantasy Golf via DK. Now I’m logged in I dont see a whole lot of that going on. I will take a better look tonight.

Gutted Telegraph has got involved and will snaffle up most people as the main affiliate as they just e-mailed me to join - as I do their fantasy football and they offering nice prizes to join now - as in tickets to see Arsenal v Swansea or Liverpool v Man City on March 3rd. Only reason I am resisting is I want to be linked as coming from TFP - would of been a harder decision had the game ticket prizes involved my club!

draftkings / telegraph

If I’m just being honest I think that affiliation will be tough to get but if possible would be excellent. I dont worry too much about the Telegraph because at the end of the day the telegraph knows nothing about our end of fantasy sports.

It’s official - TFP is a Draft Kings affiliate today. I’ll post up the details and links shortly, probably having a baby soonly.

This is the link to sign up to Draft Kings via The Fan Pub:

So if you use that link to sign-up, TFP will get the credit for your referral.

I’ll talk to them shortly about a custom code or something, as that would be useful for referencing on a podcast rather than a long URL.

Wow, cool. Good darts