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Final Fantasy NFL Week 2015

For most of our leagues this has been the final week of the fantasy season - how have your teams done?

In our Fan Pub Original’s league I’ve plummeted to the Toilet Bowl, fighting for last place in the final week (looks like I’ll come away with the ‘second worst’ title), and in my other leagues despite having rosters I’ve been pretty satisfied with, I’ve been pretty much mediocre finishing around the midway point. I blame the Cowboys/Texans/Dolphins :grin:

Well, I surpassed my goals for the season. While a little gutted I could not make the final I am happy to have clinched 3rd tonight and therefore a prize. It was another great season and I cant wait for the playoffs.

I’ve managed another season without a post season win lol I reversed last season’s 2-10 regular season though so post season tweaking is next…

Made the playoffs in our big 16 player live draft league which was my big goal for the season. Made the playoffs as no 1 seed in another 16 player, but lost in the semis :frowning:
So-so 5-8 season in my dynasty league.
Reasonably blah overall. No disasters, but second year running not reaching a final.

Getting working now on the rules for my own league - time to step up and be a commissioner next season as well as a player!

Barring I miracle - I’VE WON :grinning:

After the draft I was rated #1 and predicted to go 13-0, that was way off. I was landed in a very tough division and fortunate to get into the play-offs. No injuries to my top two draft picks then using WAB to land Dion Lewis and a free agency pick up of one of my fav WR’s (James Jones), gave me breathing space when most others were scrambling for wins.

In the Play-Offs, I had a big slice of fortune to beat Simon when his RB1 went down in the first qtr. In the semi I had great team performance to beat the guy I thought would win (Brad). Suspension to Noels WR1 and an injury to my enigmatic WR2 made for a sub-standard finale, but a Julio Jones masterclass and a fluky hail-mary to ASJ gave him little chance, especially as his New England Pats loaded team failed to score as they normally would.

Hi Dean,

I’m was just waiting, out of respect for Noel to congratulate you. Until then I think your kicker needs to be PED tested… 23 points from a kicker, are you kidding me…? :grin:

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I gambled on up side in both the auction league and the original league and to be honest it back fired massively.
I knew the risks but after poor starts in both leagues my season was over by week five. I can’t remember a year like it. So it is really about dusting yourself off and learning from the experience. Has it dampened my enthusiasm no far from it.
It’s made me more determined to come back stronger.

The learning really is there is no substitute for experience.
Poor teams only help your fantasy team if you have there wide receivers because there always throwing the ball from behind.
Don’t reach for a Qb.
A good defence won’t be on the board long either have a great one or two good ones.
Who cares about kickers except the best or Blair Walsh lol
Wab system really favours strong teams because once your behind you reach and there was less trading I feel.

Congratulations to our 2015 winner of the TFP Original league!

Dean only managed a single trade this season which I think relates to his cagey approach to trading but also signifies how difficult it was overall to agree on player swaps. For long enough many players (each to their own) seemed to prefer taking their chances in the weekly bidding wars. Either way Dean’s one trade was more than 5 others and one more trigger pulled would have taken him over the average with the total trades for the season being 26!

While Dean played it reasonably cool in trades he was the 3rd most active player all season long when we judge player activity by roster “moves” with 42, 3rd only to Simon with a whopping 53 adjustments and myself at 47.

Dean also got busy on the waiver wire with 15 successful bids and pickups, second only to the Feelers with 16. I’m sure we can all recall him “going deep” on Lewis who regrettably (for the rest of us) became one of the seasons best pick-ups, until he got injured.

Its always good to see the more active players pick up the prize, a great result for a really enjoyable season. Thanks to all who took part.

Well played WYP

Congratulations Dean, another great season I agree. Many teams went from perceived favourites to kinda weak on an almost weekly basis… certainly during the playoffs it seemed!

On to the post season discussions toward the tweaks we potentially make for Year 3, which I’m also looking forward to!

Looking forward to that too Simon.

One decision that Noel and potentially the rest of us face is whether to stick with WAB or move on or move back. WAB imho is the fairest but as this season proved it is less forgiving and some might prefer a closer finish to the regular season.

My understanding was we try the 3rd and final waiver setting which is the waiver queuing system… and then we decide from year 4 onwards having tried all 3

Thanks guys. I did try to make trades, I pestered Shani for Andrew Luck & Jimmy Graham on a weekly basis - glad that didn’t come off.
It was a crazy season in many ways and the Concussion Protocol has added another dimension.
Next years draft is looking far from straight-forward. RB’s will not be the mainstay of everyones strategy and bagging a top QB early on will be a gamble.

I really favour the system of taking turns (queue system) as this will make people really think before adding any old player. Also I think someone mentioned picking draft position. This is one I’d really like to implement - ie. If you’re drawn out first, you get to pick the slot to go from BUT you will be 16th in WW position.
I’d like Noel to do the above as soon as everyone has paid the league - so potentially guys can trade their slot.

Hi Dean,

I have no doubt you attempted trades fella, I did too, it was tough. I was surprised to find the total number was as high as 26 actually! All players have their own strategy and preferences which is the way it should be, I was just bringing up stats. With me being a weekly trade kind of guy I guess it comes from my own selfish point of view :smiley: In the two years of the league I am yet to see you conduct a trade that looks unfavourable.

I’m up for trying the queue system and picking draft slots.

I understand that leaving multiple roster slots blank caused some whatsapp chat so maybe that needs to be addressed too. That’s very clearly an off season decision as any change their seriously affects drafting and WW strategy.

Congrats again

Cheers Gordon. There was debate about you effectively forfeiting a win to Kieran and George, in the end it didn’t make a difference. But it could in the future so Its good that it happened and we can get clarification going forward.

For your info, it was concluded that you had actually asked in advance if it was okay. From my point if view I’m 100% sure that you genuinely thought you had zero chance of winning that week no matter what you did, so you were planning further forward which made sense.
In hindsight, in would appear that no match-up is ever guaranteed, K&G had a 'mare that week. Sean said that in his leagues this is actually an unwritten ‘tactic’ and you had earned the right to play this way. So I’m sure we will debate this in the off-season.

Cheers Dean. It was all part of my strategy from the draft onwards. I did the same thing last season. All I can say is, if I threw a game I did so way back in July/August when building my draft board and when I had no idea who I was playing week to week :wink:

I understand I was not the only one also but hey its all good.

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You are correct Simon - we indeed try all three then decide which one to keep permanently from year 4 onwards or agree to a rolling option where we continue to perm trough them like we have the first three seasons and keep that cycle going round in 3 season turns using one of each over the 3 years cycle. However we can debate that more after next season as next season is 100% us trying the last of the 3 choices offered.

So sorry for my late congratulations Dean - call me a sore loser if you like but after hideous losses on player props NFL Week 16 and me clearly going on to loose both finals I was in - in both my money leagues (this one and SMTM… which you won last season if I recall) I just switched off and withdrew from all things NFL to avoid my urge to lump on and chase meaning I did not watch the late, late Sunday game or the MNF game Week 16. Only started catching back up with NFL when I logged on this Sunday just gone to set my line-up in the Auction draft league as I made the 3rd place play off game in that one. True to form I lost that game! Any way I will dust myself off and try to go one better next season - have sent you a message on Facebook regards prize money and winners extra’s (Trophy/Ring). So will sort when I hear from you. :football:

I am gutted I had never heard of Dion Lewis and as my internet was out 2 weeks (1 week prior and post Week 1 of the NFL Regular season) I never got to see the opening game that featured him and made you all go crazy for him on waivers. Sean did tip me the wink on this guy but I decided to not bid in the dark on someone I had at that point not seen play and never heard of - trust my net (how I watch my NFL via GamePass) to be out until waivers was past that week or I may have surely blown all 100 WAB points on the dude as I came out the draft with no starting RB’s and was my only true weakness all season - how different this whole year could of been for me had I had that chance. Oh well as everyone but the champ says ‘always next year’!

Very tricky subjects - never ever envisaged this till it happened - in real games teams don’t throw it in to get a better draft spot and am sure the league would have something to say about fair play. Now I run free leagues and have always frowned upon this and award strikes for each spot any week a GM leaves a slot empty, starts a player on a BYE or plays a guy ruled out before game day. However that was more to give me justification to throw out clearly inattentive GM’s so I could eventually get competitive free leagues which over time has generally worked. In a money league especially one of this nature there is no question of this not being a conscious decision so there for I am really unsure which way to fall. On the one hand you have the right to draft and start who ever you want and if you think throwing one week gives you a better chance every other week with the players you drafted all having the same bye week fair enough, but on the other hand if two people in the same division are neck and neck for winning their division and the records are so bad in that division that only the winner will make post season I know if that were me and I lost out knowing the other guy had been gifted a free win on his slate because he had the luck of playing the guy that threw away a week it would really grate my cheese. So there is the conundrum. What do we do?

I am tempted to introduce the strike rules I have in my free leagues but that makes a hell of a lot more admin for me week to week checking every ones rosters post game weeks so think as were all serious players we could debate this and then if we cant all agree perhaps vote if this is acceptable or not going forward in this league?

Debate and Vote sounds good LM. Thanks for the input.