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Favour needed!

Morning folks !
Was at a wedding last night, at the end of the night my jacket was missing, with my wallet and phone in it. I suspect someone picked up mine by mistake and left theirs, rather than foul play, but in the short term I am left pretty stuck.

I was intending to go to the game today, and I have a spare ticket I had promised to Alan Z - but as things stand I cannot get to the game myself and I have no access to discord, whatsapp etc to get in touch with Alan as they are both on my phone.

Could I ask one of you to get in contact with him to save him a wasted trip, and post back on here to let me know the message has got to him? Many thanks in advance gang.

Jon I got last minute printable tickets if you can still make it- phone up ticketmaster?

Give that a try Jon. Even if you can’t get there they may be able to sort something Al can print or pick up.

I’ve dropped Al a message on what’s app.

Thanks Mark for the message! This is an unfortunate turn of events. Jon if you see this is there any way I can print or pick up a replacement? Can anyone else help??

Morning Al,and apologies !

I can message you with the ticket seat number if that will be any use - but i didnt buy the tickets direct from ticketmaster, i bought them from a friend of a friend so they arent in my name or against my credit card which probably makes things awkward.

I have no way of getting to Twickenham - I was planning on heading from the wedding straight there but train tickets and money were in the jacket. I have got a lift home to southampton sorted with a friend but by the time i get there it will be too late to leave for the game

The jacket has been found.
I am currently headed back to the hotel (was en route home when i found out). I may still be able to get to twickenham although i am a good way behind schedule. Al I will keep you updated, if I can get to the ground for 200/215 ish i can meet you at the gate with the ticket.
What a palaver…!

great news good luck jon hope you make it

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