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Fantasy Vuelta 2016 (Velogames) £5 Money League

Fantasy Vuelta 2016

*** URGENT - STARTS SATURDAY - (20th August / 17:00 CEST) ***

VELOGAMES Fantasy Vuelta 2016 has launched.

Velogames is a free web site that runs seperate fantasy games on various cycle racers including the three major Grand Tours - Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana.

Their Grand Tour games are perfect for those of you that don’t have much time but like to have a go, as the only time you need to spend on any of their GT games is at the begining selecting a team before the start of the race (as there are no transfers at all in Velogames fantasy Grand Tour cycling games).

So please click on this link to check their website out and familarise yourself with the rules and how points are awarded:-


The game is free and you can be in up to 5 private mini leagues.

Now as I love a gamble and to create some rivalry I have set up a private mini league which I am taking a fiver (£5) of anyone who comes in to it. This is just to make up a prize for the eventual winner of my mini-league.

League Code: 551703034016

Hope to see you in my league come the start of the race.

best regards,


I’m in :bicyclist:

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Okay - we have a new person I don’t recognise in the league - so assuming they’ve seen this post to find the info to get in to my WTA league now ask if Ederson Silveira could make contact with me to arrange payment of internal entry fee please. Thank you. :sunglasses:

Does anybody know Ederson Silveira as unfortunately he has not made contact with me nor paid his entry fee?

If interlopers keep joining my money leagues and not making contact to pay I’ll have to consider changing how I share codes to join them? :frowning:

If this person does not make contact with me in the next few days I’ll get team removed and add name to my banned list for a year. So if anyone knows him please give them a nudge to sort this out ASAP please. Thanks.

After knocking out the 2 interlopers who never made contact and more importantly didn’t pay the entry fee it just left the usual 3 of us…

Final Table:

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