Fantasy Tour de France - 2024 (Velogames) - £5 Money League

Le Tour de France 2024


VELOGAMES FANTASY TOUR de FRANCE 2024 has covertly launched. It has the very unusual name of Velogame 2024 to stop the bully boys behind le tour getting their lawyers onto George who runs the Velogames website through his love of cycling and doing fantasy cycling games and sharing that passion with others for free.

Velogames is a free web site that runs separate fantasy games on cycling races - i.e. Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana etc.

Their Classic Leaderboard Grand Tour games are perfect for those of you that don’t have much time but like to have a go, as the only time you need to spend on any of their games in my money leagues is at the beginning selecting a team before the start of the race (as there are no transfers at all in Velogames Classic Leaderboard Fantasy Grand Tour cycling games).

New (from the 2022 season) Velogames introduced a spin off game called Stage Hunter where you can make transfers but I’m ignoring that for the purposes of my leagues and just using the Classic Leaderboard to decide my mini leagues winner (no transfers) the way it has always been in the past. Feel free to make transfers if you so wish in your team entry as the race goes on but for my money league it’s just your starting team that counts score wise.

So please click on this link to check their website out and familiarise yourself with the rules and how points are awarded:

Velogames - VELOGAME 2024 (TdF) Rules

The game is free and you can join others or create your own private mini leagues.

I myself love a gamble and to create some rivalry I have set up my usual small stakes mini money league which I am taking a fiver (£5) of anyone who comes in to it. This is just to make up a prize for the eventual winner of my private mini-league. Alas Velogames has a new system where if you join a league once, it will always put you in the same leagues automatically in the future if you do a team (so for other races). Now as I can’t be sure people will want to do my money leagues every time and the system could automatically put your entry in to my ‘Winner Takes All’ money leagues if you have ever joined one in the past I will now create a fresh new league each time for each race so you must join my new one (code below) each game if you want to compete in my money league for that year/race. I have removed my team from the auto carried over league so if you do not see my entry in the league then you are looking at the auto carried over old league. Just click on leave league and click confirm, then use the code number below to join the current league (where you will see my team entry now). If this is your first time doing one of my cycling games then no dramas - just join my money league using the following:

The name of the league is: ​WINNER TAKES ALL

The leagues code is: 422997316

I think by the leagues name it’s self-explanatory how the money gets paid out - more teams in the league, more money for the winner.

So, click the link, pick a team and get a fiver to me ASAP (unless you have money on account with me - in which case contact me and tell me to take it out of that). If you don’t know how to pay me them PM me with your e-mail address and I’ll get back to you with details.

Once you have picked your team and paid your entry fee, just sit back and enjoy 3 weeks of cycle racing!

UK television coverage : ITV4, Eurosport, GCN+ and S4C

To see how your fantasy team is doing compared to the others in the mini league just visit the Velogames website and log in every evening (after the stage has finished to see updated scores).

All the best and I really hope to see some new teams in my mini-league this year (as well as all the old guard - aka regulars)!

bluelionman / Noel Symonds
Fan Pub Founding Member

Link to gamesite:

To let people know state of play I will bold and put a blue biking man :man_biking:t2: next to entries I have received payment for:

Tour de France - WINNER TAKES ALL (8)

French Cycling Bears - Douglas Hay :man_biking:t2:

Gee Whiz - Jon Cartwright :man_biking:t2:

Two Huskies - Luke Norland

Men in Lycra - Gareth Hensby :man_biking:t2:

#152 Honour Bassons - Noel Symonds :man_biking:t2:

killercycles - Andy Smith :man_biking:t2:

Keep Off The Snails - Russell Owen :man_biking:t2:

Let’s go Pogacar - Paul Bedford :man_biking:t2:

Calling out Luke Norland

I do not know who you are and you have not made contact with me to ask for my payment details, please PM me from here (TFP forum) ASAP to take care of this. There is no point joining a money league and not paying the entry fee as you won’t land any £££ winnings.