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Fantasy Tour de France - 2015‏


**** DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES TO BE SUBMITTED - SATURDAY, 4th July - 14:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) ****


Velogames is a free web site that runs seperate fantasy games on cycling races - i.e. Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana etc.

Their Grand Tour games are perfect for those of you that don’t have much time but like to have a go, as the only time you need to spend on any of their games is at the begining selecting a team before the start of the race (as there are no transfers at all in Velogames fantasy Grand Tour cycling games).

So please click on this link to check their website out and familarise yourself with the rules and how points are awarded:-

Velogames TDF

The game is free and you can join others or create your own private mini leagues.

I myself love a gamble and to create some rivalry I have set up my usual small stakes mini money league which I am taking a fiver (£5) of anyone who comes in to it. This is just to make up a prize for the eventual winner of my private mini-league.

The name of the league is: Winner Takes All

The leagues code is: 27041939

I think by the leagues name it’s self explanatory how the money gets paid out - more teams in the league, more money for the winner.

So click the link, pick a team and get a fiver to me (PayPal or cash preferred, but if you don’t see me in person or have PayPal then a cheque is fine). If you don’t know my e-mail addy then PM me for it.

Then just sit back and enjoy 3 weeks of cycle racing - TV coverage of the race in the UK for 2015 will be shown live on ITV4, S4C and British Eurosport.

To see how your fantasy team is doing compared to the others in the mini league just visit the Velogames web site and log in every evening (after the stage has finished to see updated scores).

All the best and I really hope to see a few new teams in my mini-league this year (as well as all the regulars).

Best regards,

Noel Symonds

Morning, Noel - I have entered this game and the one on the NFLUK site, and I’ve just paypalled you a fiver!
cheers, Jon

FWIW - I have had a couple of bets on the race too. Joaquim Rodriguez at 13/2 for a podium finish, and Romain Bardet at 25/1 for King of the Mountains. Looking forward to the race, it’s possibly the most open in years!

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Just checking the league and see an entry from a Zack Isaacs but no clue who that is - if someone knows them or they read this please make contact as they also need to pay entry fee (only a fiver).


  • Still not heard from them so if they don’t make contact by Saturday night (a week into tour) I’ll get them removed. To Join league they needed the code so they could only get that from here or someone forwarding my e-mail to them so either they come here or someone has to know who is behind the Zack Isaacs: zackdontdontattack entry? :confused:

Alas I was unable to get the interlopers removed and very angry two people joined my league, never made contact to say who they where and more importantly never paid entry fee… so thanks to Matteo (Team Maverick) & Zack Isaacs (zackdontdontattack) I will have to change my sop going forward and only give out league codes when people pay entry fee first on here.