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Fantasy Survivor (NFL.com) money league

NFL.com have launched this game again for this season which I enjoyed last year so have set up my own private money league on it once again.

I have made it a one and done league - so there is no lives in this money league.

I’m making this one £10 in per entrant and as the league name suggests this one is ‘Winner Takes All’.

However when and if it gets down to just two survivors and they both get eliminated the same week I will re-activate them both (as a sort of tiebreaker) so they can continue on to find an outright winner but if they are both still alive at the end of the game then they will both be declared as joint winners and the pot split between them.

Anyone can join but must be showing in my money league before the start of the game (so that will be the Thursday September 8th).
Once you have joined my league please Pay Pal me your entry fee (here is my personal Pay Pal me link : paypal.me/bluelionman) and include in the message field when you send your Pay Pal fee your entry name within the league.

To join my private league:-


League Password: 3rdTimesAgo

League URL: http://survivor.fantasy.nfl.com/group/23335

Thanks - Noel / bluelionman

Am in for this one too Noel

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A think most of the league breathed a sigh of relief when Cleveland missed that FG for the win in Week 3 against Miami at the end of regulation (I know I sure did) Phew!

Congratulations to Andreas Duenner (duenni) who wins £60. Less than half the entrants of last year - not sure why but here’s a screen shot :

If there’s any interest I feel there is enough weeks left to run this again so I will start a fresh £10 ‘Winner Takes All 2’ money league starting from NFL Week 8 so spread the word folks…

Contact me if you want to be invited to the new league and arrange payment of entry fee. :sunglasses: