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Fantasy Sleepers

As I’m not playing in any serious leagues this year and as you guys probably want to keep your cards close to your chest I shall post some Sleepers for you. My definition of a sleeper is that you should be taking them at least a round earlier than their ADP.

  1. Michael Floyd WR. Love this guy helped me out big time last year. Clearly the number 1 WR on the Cardinals. Great downfield target for Palmer as David Johnson can open up the shorter passing game. Seems to be fully fit unlike in the past and also in a contract year. I think will finish a WR1.

  2. Tony Romo QB. The popular view is that the Cowboys will be a run heavy team so why Romo? Well 2 reasons I think there is a good chance teams will be able to contain Elliot to a degree and the Cowboys will have to have a solid passing game. Secondly Dez Bryant will not be happy with at least 1200 yards and 10+ touchdowns. Another reason is Tony Romo himself, he will change plays at the line of scrimmage if it means he can get a passing TD, he’s quite greedy in that respect. Look for Romo to be prolific in the redzone. I think he’s a QB1 in 12 team leagues. A great pick up in 2 QB leagues.

  3. Keith Marshall RB. Keep an eye on this guy. Think Jones could struggle for the Redskins and Marshall will get more playing time. Worth a late round flyer on.

  4. Martellus Bennett TE. TD’S are key at this position. Think the Patriots will play multiple 2 TD sets and when Brady get’s back he will be a great target. Maybe 8 TD’s. Also if Gronks get’s hurt his production could really crank up to another level.

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@TheOnlySimon, @beastmode24, @markdimmock812 and Sam respectively will be happy with those calls! Floyd wasn’t too cheap, but Romo at pick 163 was good value…

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The Cowboys and Cardinals will run similar offences:


Good running games, intermediate passing, deep threat

I expect Romo’s numbers will be inflated by short passes to Elliot for big gains

Sorry should have posted last week before the Challengers draft, would have made more sense!

I’ve always been high on Romo, he’s not really a sleeper - when he’s healthy, the Cowboys have one of the best passing games in the league, which is only enhanced when they have a great running back to keep the D confused (basically the Romo + Dez + Murray 2014 season!).

But he’s one of the more injury prone QBs in the league and managed to break the same bone twice last season. And he doesn’t get those fantasy yards like Cam or Wilson. Historically he’s always been about a Top 5-10 QB (after Rodgers, Manning, Brady, Brees… now Wilson and Newton too), don’t really see that changing, just the increased injury risk.

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Floyd was cheap as chips for a WR1 :stuck_out_tongue:

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He is a sleeper in regards to where he is being taken in drafts and to where I think he will finish the season.

I think his collarbone will be fine as he has had an operation to make it less likely to break.

Now his back is another matter!

Where did you get him?

4th round

I think that’s great value (in a 14 man league wow!)

16 team league, even better haha!

Agree that Keith Williams could be anything

I think I’ll just keep quiet from now on.

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Lol, You meant Prescot I’m sure

The Cowboys are in a real pickle with Romo. They can’t cut him for at least 2 more seasons because of the guaranteed money in his contract. His back has taken so many hits over the years and now another broken bone. He’s a very determined guy but surely he must be beginning to think of life after football. They now will have to sign another QB to back-up Prescot as Showers isn’t ready. All the good work they did in pre-season with Prescot could be spoilt if he struggles when he should really be on the bench.

Yeah lets hope Dak can step up. They might go back after josh McCown or use Mcfadden as trade bait

Hope not Alan. Browns reportedly want a second for McCown, way too high a price. They ideally would like to pick up a veteran released in the final cuts down to 53. As for McFadden I don’t think they will get much for him.
When you look at the hit on Romo by Avril his back kind of gets squashed, but really it doesn’t stand out as a particularly nasty play. I don’t think he can last much longer in the NFL even when he get’s back from this one.

More chance they go for Geno rather than Josh surely?

Don’t say that jon. Could be Sanchez in the broncos cut him