Well the NFL season is almost over and many of us will have tanked in the football (soccer) so a nice change of sport is offered up with the annual Rugby Union Six Nations tournament. This is a free game the official body does over the internet (click the link below) but this will be just my second ever time running a league on it.

This is a very last minute set up on my part as for some reason e-mails from the game site went to a different e-mail address to the one I’m registered with - don’t ask me how that’s even possible - so I just did not see the e-mail nor realise the 6 nations was starting this Friday until earlier this week - so I do apologise for the short notice on this (6 Nations starts on Friday 2nd February at 20:00 GMT).

I have decided to make the entry fee £10 (for those that want to compete for money), with prizes being split across the top three paying to play finishers as follows:


1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 10%

(£10 entry - 1 team only per person)

I always think it’s more interesting to have a little money on fantasy games and as you can make up your own private league I have done just that. This is also why the prize pay-outs are in percentages - as I can’t know exactly what pay outs will be until I know how many paid entrants I get. What I can tell you is all entry fees will go back out 100% as prizes. Naturally the more paid entrants I end up getting the bigger the monetary prizes will be for each spot - so please share this information using the link at the bottom of this post with anyone you know that likes rugby union or the 6 Nations and could be up for this fantasy league. Hell, share it on social media to - spread the word!

If you do not know my payment details - perhaps your a new first time player to my money games - or you have simply forgotten them, either way no worries, just PM (Private Message) me from here (TFP forum) asking for my payment info making sure to include your real name & e-mail address - so I can send you that information directly via e-mail.

Game site: Fantasy Six Nations Rugby

League Name: BLM 6 NATIONS
League Password: Redacted (to stop late joiners now tournament has started)

I look forward to seeing you in my league ASAP.
It seemed on first glance I do not have the ability to remove teams once they join my private league so am going to make this league a joint fun and pay to play league - meaning your welcome to join for fun if you wish but to be in the running for the cash prizes you must pay the entry fee to me before the last game of round one starts. Any non paid for teams by then will be just playing for fun. I will post below all team entries showing in the league, showing which have paid the entry fee by bolding them and putting a Rugby Ball by their entry name.

Once Round 1 has concluded I will confirm the actual Prizes and people can see which teams are competing for money and which are playing for fun by looking below. Those playing just for fun will be ignored when it comes to the final standings and payouts.

best regards,

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

Fan Pub Founding Member

To let people know state of play I will bold and rugby football :rugby_football: those entrants who have paid to show who is playing for money (payment must be received by me before the last game of Round 1 kicks off, otherwise your only playing for fun):


What A Load of Flankers! | Noel Symonds | bluelionman :rugby_football:

The Egg Chasers | Gareth Hensby | c1188210 :rugby_football:

Andy | Andy Smith | Rick_Spangle :rugby_football:

Mozza_19 | Iain Morris | Mozza_19

Ned Travers | Ned Travers | NedTravers :rugby_football:

London Rangers | John Lewis | jmcbean :rugby_football:

Sam | Samuel Eastham :rugby_football:

APXV | Adrian Partridge | :rugby_football:

Scottish Bears | Douglas Hay starwarrior68

Tickleherfrontrow | ??? | ???

PSM | ??? | ???

CardiffDaffs | ??? | ???

A lot of late joiners have showed up in my league - be nice to know who you are please so I can fill in the ??? with at least your name.

Hey all,

Just to confirm 7 of the 12 league entries this year paid to play by the deadline, so I can confirm the prizes for the top 3 paying entrants at the end of the 6 Nations this year are as follows:


To see who is playing for the money just look at the post directly above this one and the entrants who are Bolded with a rugby ball :rugby_football: next to them are the paid entrants.

I hope you all have fun - please tell others about this league so hopefully I can grow it for future years - especially regards paying entrants.

best regards as always,

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

Fan Pub Founding Member


Well a big congratulations to Samuel Eastham who wins this years Fantasy 6 Nations game - AGAIN! He won last year’s iteration too. However this year this was a choice league - play for fun or pay to play. Only 7 of the 12 entrants chose to pay so only they can win the £££ prizes and the top three paid teams are as follows:

Final Payouts


The Egg Chasers - Gareth Hensby got bumped up to third as Tickleherfrontrow - ??? was an unpaid for team - so just playing for fun.

1st ‘not registered on TFP forum’ / Samuel Eastman - (Sam) 2073.0
2nd NedTravers / Ned Travers - (Ned Travers) 2048.0
3rd c1188210 / Gareth Hensby - (c1188210) 1938.0

You can view my International Rugby Union Fantasy Games Money League’s Winners history here: International Rugby Union Games