Well the NFL season is almost over and many of us will have tanked in the football (soccer) so a nice change of sport is offered up with the annual Rugby Union Six Nations tournament. This is a free game the offical body does over the internet (click the link below) but this will be my first ever time running a money league on it. In the past few seasons I did Super Bru’s 6 Nations game but never really liked it as much as ESPN’s SCRUM 6 Nations game (that ceased after the 2020 season).

This is a very late change of heart on my part - which I apologise for the short notice on (6 Nations starts on Saturday 4th February at 14:15 GMT) - as I was not going to do a game this year, as like I said I did not really enjoy the Super Bru game and my entry pool had dwindled. Perhaps it was because of the game site or perhaps it was the prize money all going to the winner - as I had used a cheap entry fee/Winner Takes All the pot model. Perhaps folk want a decent prize pot to justify the time put in to playing. Whatever the reason, as I am switching to the offical game site I have decided to make the entry fee £10 and make the prizes get split across the top three finishers as follows:


1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 10%

(£10 entry - 1 team only per person)

I always think it’s more interesting to have a little money on fantasy games and as you can make up your own private league I have done just that. This is also why the prize pay-outs are in percentages - as I can’t know exactly what pay outs will be until I know how many paid entrants I get. What I can tell you is all entry fees will go back out 100% as prizes. Naturally the more entrants I end up getting the bigger the monetary prizes will be for each spot - so please share this information using the link at the bottom of this post with any one you know that likes rubgy union or the 6 Nations and could be up for this fantasy money league. Hell share it on social media to - spread the word!

If you don’t know my payment deets, have forgotten or are new to doing my money games just PM from here (TFP forum) and include name + e-mail address so I can forward that info directly to you.

Game site: Fantasy Six Nations Rugby

League Name: BLM 6 NATIONS
League Password: GRNJU

I look forward to seeing you in my league ASAP.
Any non paid for teams will be removed from the league before Round 2 starts!

best regards,

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

Fan Pub Founding Member

To let people know state of play I will bold and rugby football :rugby_football: you when I have received payment for your entry:


BLUELIONMAN | Noel Symonds | bluelionman :rugby_football:

Samuel Eastham | Samuel Eastham :rugby_football:

Andy | Andy Smith | Rick_Spangle :rugby_football:

Mozza_19 | Iain Morris | Mozza_19 :rugby_football:

I am rather dissapointed to only get 4 paid up entries (of which one is mine) this year but it is what it is. I can now confirm the prizes are as follows:

Prize Payouts

1st (60%) £24
2nd (30%) £12
3rd (10%) £4

I hope this game increases your interest in the Rugby 6 Nations Championship! :rugby_football: :rugby_football: :rugby_football:


Well a big congratulations to Samuel Eastham who wins this years Fantasy 6 Nations game. I actually liked this game far better than the Super Bru one I had been doing the last few years (ever since ESPN’s Scrum 6 Nations game dissapeared). So I will defintely be sticking with this game going forwards in future years for the Six Nations. So please help me grow this money league - tell your friends and work mates or anyone you think might be interested in joining us. A bigger entry pool would be really welcome. :rugby_football: :rugby_football: :rugby_football: :rugby_football: :rugby_football: :rugby_football:

Final Pay Outs


1st ‘not registered on TFP forum’ / Samuel Eastman - (Samuel Eastman) 3772.0
2nd bluelionman / Noel Symonds - (bluelionman) 3607.0
3rd Rick_Spangle / Andy Smith - (Andy) 3349.7

You can view my International Rugby Union Fantasy Games Money League’s Winners history here: International Rugby Union Games