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Fantasy League - one owner need it


I am running a league of 12 owners. Currently, the league is missing one owner. I am looking for a new player, and I am asking if anyone who’s located in London, UK or anywhere in the world is interested in joining our league? If so, please drop a message, and I’ll send the invitation.

This year the league will move to a keeper league.


Hi Groenator,

Is this online or in person league, what are the details standard, auction, dynasty ppr etc? Entry fee etc?



Hi Al,

This is a standard league running on NFL.com, with live draft. No fees to

It would be a keeper league, what do you mean by live or in person?



We actually meet up in person and draft in the same room like in the US in some cases. Have a day drafting, it’s feels like Christmas day! See the originals league thread on here if interested. We have one in the South one in the Midlands and hopefully a Northern one starting next year. Great fun.

We don’t have that yet, here in London. But, I’ve always wanted to join one.

What type of leagues do you guys have?


This was in London but has moved to Southampton this year

I’m organising the draft day in Southampton, @groenator - if you’re interested and have any questions, let me know!

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I’m in London and keen in the space is still open?


Do you want to PM your email address or should I send you the league details?