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Fantasy League - IDP/QB Superflex Dynasty

Unfortunately this league won’t be going ahead due to other commitments.

Hi Megatron,

I’m personally sorted for the upcoming season but good luck finding players.


Am interested in joining a dynasty league with IDP, have played in a couple of NFL.com leagues both with IDP. One league has 20 teams with a 40 player roster, including a 4-3 or 3-4 defence.

Have not played Dynasty before but am always an active player to the bitter end lol. Am a member of Fleaflicker site but have not used it.


Hi Gav,

Apologies the league is full now, though we do seem to have one inactive guy who has missed both his first two picks so far, one more and he’s out so may be an opening.

Ok, keep me posted, can be contacted at gavinmarshall3@gmail.com.

Email sent Gavin. Hope you can step in.