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Fantasy Football (Soccer) - the best Premier League Games

Hey all found this list and review of the best websites / games currently out there for fantasy Premier League football so thought I’d share it (and also point out for any of you that are interested I run money leagues on 3 of them - FPL, RFF and TFF).

These are the best Premier League fantasy leagues

What’s good about that list is it explains about the game sites and has a screen shot or 2 so worth a looksee to compare them.

Also for those of you that don’t like to gamble I run a free league using the FPL game to as part of my NFLUK Forum Championship that anyone is welcome to join via the NFLUK forum - as my free league is for members of that forum (more info on my NFLUK Forum Championship can be found following this link but fyi it is fine to dip in and out of just the games you wish to play - not everyone goes for the overall Fantasy Championship crown): NFLUK Forum Fantasy Sports Championship 2016

No worries, I must have clicked on the wrong link hopefully I have joined the championship league.

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