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Fantasy Football bad beat stories - We want yours!

Thinking of making a video of bad beat stories of losses in Fantasy Football. If you’d like to share stories below we will consider them for a video for thefanpub.com youtube channel. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCycTjJHPgXyaGiJjscvMkaA)

I have a couple. I once went into Monday Night level on points with my opponent. I had a kicker left to play, he had no one. A win or tie would secure my playoff spot. I watched the game it was a low scoring affair and time was slowly passing. A last minute touchdown for my kickers team meant the extra point would secure me the win. He missed and that meant -1 for my team and I lost the game, my opponent took my spot in the playoffs and the rest is history.

My second bad beat story was the almost now infamous Deangelo Williams -2 week in 2012, he 6 yards fumble game caused my game to tie. A stat correction later and I lost. I was one of many tweets that inundating Deangelo with expletives on twitter. He had so many he responded with a tweet of his own. “Dear upset fantasy owners with the bad language you are a fantasy owner for a reason because you can’t play or apparently fantasy coach!”


You all know my story but I’m gonna post it anyways cos I happened to have posted it on reddit earlier lol:-

Last season ended the regular season with the joint best record of 10-3 (but seeded 2nd) and strided confidently into the playoffs vs the lowest scoring team that made the playoffs.

Ran zero RB in a 16 team league and had hit with Karlos, Langford and Rawls, a WR set of Brown, Alshon (who amazingly wasn’t injured that week) and Sanders and an elite QB in ARod plus the td machine of Eifert AND the Chiefs D!!

Ended up losing to the 2nd lowest score of the week with Rawls and Eifert getting injured in the 1st quarter!! What’s worse is had I started Starks instead of Sanders I still would have won and gone on to win the league when comparing scores in what would have been my matchups weeks 15 and 16.

AND even worse, guy went on to win the league with the final vs a suspended OBJ! ANDDDDDD… I ended up losing week 15 and 16 too!
It’s a funny old game lol #StillBitter


In 2001 my team had won its first playoff fantasy game and I was in a very strong position to reach the final for the third year in a row.
It was a great league I had a great squad and I had made some stunning predictions that all came through.
So I was feeling confident by the Monday night I was up by two points and my opponent had no one left.
Up steps my qb Aaron Brooks on a great year.
The week before he got banged up and no one new if he would play so I put him anyway.
I thought even if he doesn’t a zero guarantees victory.
What could go wrong well Aaron’s back up played the entire game till just before the end when he also got hurt. Who do they send in to take the final three snaps Aaron who takes a knee three times and I lose by a point.
That game hurt so much and to make matters worse my opponent won the final by another freak play.


@StillBitter, hope this heals your pain, (or better still, inflames our rivalry!!):laughing:

There’s no doubting you were ahead of the game with a tactic that is now, often discussed throughout the fantasy world. You had an amazing regular season but hopefully the following explains why you shouldn’t be too bitter.

The team you lost to was low scoring, due to starting 4&0 which enabled me the luxury to swap two consistent scoring players for a non-scoring injured Dez Bryant who was brought in to hopefully do a job in the play-offs. My team was the 4th highest scorer the week when you finally got an RB injury which the rest of the league (including me) had suffered. You would never have dropped Emanuel Sanders who had done so well for you during the season. Even if Noel had the chance to play 2 x OBJ’s he would still have been beat in the final (you would also have been soundly beaten too). The only big score that counts is week 16, after two seasons my combined total is 236, yours is 125.

There’s no bad beat here, just a choker who can’t get a team full of Galactico’s past one round of the Play-Offs

#Peoples Chump #CantWaitForWeek11


My bad beat was year one, comfortably beating Sean by 15 points with just a Monday night game to go, I had the #1 draft pick LeSean Mcoy to play and he had the awful Philly D and kicker against a tough Carolina Panthers. I was at a pivotal 5 & 5 and looking set for a play off berth with some nice match-ups to come. The Eagles recorded 9 sacks and 3 interceptions against Cam Newton.
Sean went on to be nicknamed “Mr Monday night” after picking up several more wins on a Monday and I missed the play-offs by one game.


haha, we will have to keep you guys separated at the draft!


#InYourHead :joy::joy:


wow - thats a great retort lol


My bad beat is not this kind of draft fantasy but the NFL newspaper fantasy game First Down ran annually when it was still going.

I forget what actual year it was now but I entered every year - it was a paid for game and I always put in around 3 - 6 entries a season. You only ever got 2 trade windows where you could swap a maximum of 3 players each window - that was it. Only the regular season counted and first prize was a trip to the Super Bowl.

This year one of my teams had surprised me big time (loads of luck) and was about 5th in the whole country come the second trade window so I was in with a shot - I mulled over what to do all week, changing my mind on what trades to make again and again before sending in my trades (it was done by post - net wasn’t about then). Any way I ended up finishing third overall - there was nothing for 2nd place down so that was that - but my good friend Dougie (aka McBear) looked at my team before the second trade window and afterwards - went through all the stats and worked out had I left my team alone (as it was) at the second trade window I would of won the whole thing - never ever have I wished a letter had gotten lost in the post more than then… if only! :cry:


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