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Fantasy Football 2017: 2 x QB Mock Draft (Requested)

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Interesting guys, bold to leave your QBs as late as you did in a league like this. Love the RBs and WRs you ended up with, but I think you risk being outscored most weeks at the QB position and having to play catch up.
Fun to watch as usual :thumbsup:

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Cheers Jon yeah we were a bit surprised how quick they all disappeared :grinning:

Picks 1-4 I agreed with. Think I would have gone Watkins over Thomas R5. Like picks 6-10. Then I think you needed to take a third QB. Especially as your 2 QB’s are so so. When I have played in 2 QB leagues in the past they always go early but not to the extent that someone like Bell would have been left there. Good strategy to get the studs in Rounds 1-3.

Yeah I tend to agree Majic. A 3rd QB would have been handy. There are a few you could have picked up after the draft. Glennon Lynch etc. We had Hoyer in mind as a late flier at QB but someone picked him relatively early.