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FANTASY F1 - 2021 (FF1GP game) small stakes money league


The Formula 1 season starts this coming weekend and as per usual I have set up a really small stakes money league on the FF1GP game.

I have made up a private money league for just the ‘Want to Win’ type teams. This website allows you to have up to 6 free teams in total over any of their 3 team type options - ‘Want to Win’, ‘Want to Lose’ and ‘Mega Budget’. As I said (and to be fair to all) this money league is just for ‘Want to Win’ teams.

The game is free to play but anyone joining my private money league needs to pay me a fiver per team entered - ( £5 entry per team). Multiple teams are welcomed if you wish to enter more than once (up to a maximum of 3 per person - I will do 2 or 3 myself), but each team entered will cost you £5 to put into this money league. This is to make up our own prize fund as there will be money for both 1st and 2nd place at the end of the season. I will work out the exact prize split once the season has started and know how many teams I have in the league and thus the amount of money we have in the pot but rest assured all entry fees will go back out in the way of 2 prizes (for 1st and 2nd place) at the end of the season. So please pass this information on to any work colleagues or personal friends you know who you think might be interested in joining - more the merrier as far as I am concerned - and thus bigger the prize pool.

Anyone is welcome to join my league. FF1GP run the game and all rules can be found on their website. How you score and everything is to be found here: FF1GP Rules

The only internal rules for my private league are as follows:-

  1. The league will be closed to new entrants once first race qualifying starts (Bahrain - 27 March).

  2. All entry fees must be paid before the start of Race 2 (San Marino - 18 April). Any teams who have not paid up by this time will be removed from the league.

If you don’t know the score regards paying just PM me from here (TFP forum) or message me from the Discord app and I’ll forward you details - even if you live abroad, it’s not a problem - I have Pay Pal so we can work something out.

That’s it.

Here’s a link to my private league:- BLM F1 Money League (FF1GP - ‘want to win’)

Once registered you can create your own team entries and join my private money league ( Want to Win teams only) if you fancy the challenge of competing for a little money.

League Name : BLM F1
League Password : Asturian

Hope to see you in my league very soon,

best regards,

Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman)

PS - Don’t forget to make your race predictions for extra points.

Websites Home Page: Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Well my direct marketing paid off with my biggest ever entry field - 25 teams. Many I don’t recognise as FF1GP does not require you to enter in your own true name so it’s down to people to contact me to arrange paying their entry fee(s). This is why I give people until the start of Race 2 to do so and any who have not I delete the teams of during Race 2’s weekend. This saves me chasing or pulling my hair out. It’s also only after the start of Race 2 I can confirm the prize payouts as until then can’t be sure what the prize fund exactly is.

Here is a screenshot of all members in the league, underneath it I will list names (where I know who you really are) and

BOLD + box

those who I have recieved payment from.

bluelionman / Noel Symonds - x3 (BLM Racing, WTW Racing & van Dutch Racing)

jrt55555 / James Taylor - x3 (Taylor F1, JT Racing & Motorsport JRT)

Killermancarro / Chris Carr - x2 (Stroll in the Park & Flight of the Valteri)

stevefringe / Steve Smith - x2 (Hungry like theToto wolff & Hungry like the Toto wolff)

Greatwhitedale / Dale Elleray - x2 (Australian Authority & GreatWhiteSkidMarks)

London_Falcons / Lee Pearce - (Flying Falcons)

starwarrior68 / Douglas Hay - (Hot Wheel Bears)

Rustyboots / Russell Owen - (Not The Comfy Seat)

james / James Freeman - (Mercedes broken again)

Jax2311 / Jackie Reilly - (The Right Toff Racers)

Daniel n / Daniel Nichols - x2 (Max’s team & Hamilton Moans Again)

silverflash / Tony Hamm - (Raceday Racers)

Kris Ladner / Kris Ladner - (Prius Of Love Racing)

YellowMoney / Mike Mark - (Letsseewhohasthebestcar)

Delstone / Dale Elstone - (Inch or a mile)

DanAbrey / Dan Abrey - (Sergio Perez Appreciation Society)

Runningman / Darren Woods - (Runningman)